When you first joined Twitter, you may have been a bit intimidated by the sheer number of people out there. How would you find followers? With so many people clamoring for attention, how do you stand out from the crowd? There are some specific adjustments you can make to tweak your profile. Let’s also take at look at four specific ways to customize Twitter pages.

TweetyGotBack has a library of themes that is categorized for easy searching. Once you find the image you want, you can preview it. If it’s not quite what you want, close it and go back to the category menu. When you’re happy with how it looks, just apply it.

Themeleon builds on what you started with TweetyGotBack. Choose a theme for your social media page provided by TweetyGotBack; add a photo or choose a pattern for background if you like. Pick out your palette for the layout and save. This is an easy way to customize Twitter pages.

TwitrBackgrounds also offers free and premium artwork to jazz up your page. You can check out the library of free wallpaper or have TwitrBackgrounds design a personalized background for you. You can add up to four photos to really give your
page some punch.

Twitart is a premium design site. You can get a unique avatar, a custom background, or both. You can even browse through completed projects to get ideas. Then, just let Twitart know what you are looking for. You can provide images and your logo for a branded page, or let Twitart go do what they do best – design your exclusive background.

These are just four easy ways to customize Twitter pages and separate yourself from the pack. In the world of marketing, any edge is an advantage, so why not pick one you can have fun with, too?

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