Prostatitis symptoms are frequent urination, urgency, urgency, pain, and weakness of urine, which have a significant impact on male lives and may endanger their physical and mental health. Therefore, take active treatment for prostatitis.

Prostatitis is often treated with levofloxacin hydrochloride in the clinic. Generally speaking, it takes 2-4 weeks. Patients with pain can take ibuprofen orally. Add Tamsulosin hydrochloride when urination is difficult. Patients can also choose safe and effective natural medicine treatments, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

How do you know if your prostate is healthy? If there are four kinds of abnormal urination in the toilet, timely check.

1. Nocturia

Generally speaking, men, after 50 years old, should especially pay attention to their prostate health. Once they have frequent urination, most of them occur in the evening, which needs essential attention.

Prostate growth will lead to bladder muscle imbalance, so the bladder's storage capacity is constantly reduced, which will lead to a shorter urination time. In addition, if infection occurs, it will aggravate the situation of frequent urination and further worsen prostate hyperplasia.

2. Dysuria

If it is normal and difficult to urinate, pay attention to whether prostate growth. Because as the prostate increases, the urethra is blocked and compressed. It will lead to difficulty in urination and become tight, so urination time is also very long, even leakage occurs.

3. Endless urine

If prostate hyperplasia develops further, it will cause infection, and many men will have the phenomenon of incomplete urine. It is not a good kidney performance but rather a severe problem with your prostate. Prostate swelling will cause men can not to finish the urine, so men will always have urine. When the prostate gland pressure is too high, it will compress the urethra and overflow urine, resulting in urinary incontinence.

4. Hematuria

The occurrence of hematuria indicates that prostate hyperplasia is severe. In many cases, the capillaries in the prostate become congested and swollen. When they are pulled by friction, blood vessels will rupture, leading to the spread of blood, there will be hematuria. If you find your urine color becomes deep, be sure to pay attention to it, it is likely to be a prostate problem.

In addition, if the prostate is inflamed, causing prostatitis, men will have other manifestations.

Male infertility, abnormal sexual function

Urination and dysuria

Abdominal, perineum, and waist pain or swelling

Poor mental state

Cystitis, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, and other diseases

Men should do more preventive care in life to get rid of prostatitis as soon as possible.

1. More zinc: zinc supplementation can improve prostate resistance, and men should be more zinc. They can eat more seafood, lean meat, coarse food, beans, white melon seed oil, etc. The highest zinc content in the white melon seed oil is suitable for taking 1-2 teaspoons a day, which can supplement the daily needs of male patients. Sticking to diet plays a vital role in prostate protection, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and detumescence.

2. Don't hold your urine: it will fill the bladder and compress the prostate., especially for prostate cancer patients. Generally speaking, it is easy to cause urine reflux through the opening of the prostate tube and cause prostatitis.

3. Develop good eating habits: spicy food stimulates the prostate more, and smoking and drinking can also induce prostatitis, so if there are problems in this regard, try to avoid these diets.

4. Attention to warmth: good heat preservation can reduce the contraction of muscle tissue and effectively recover prostate congestion and edema.

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