Do you know joint pain, in particular, is one of the most common problems in the entire world? In India itself, almost 70,000 joint replacement surgeries were performed in the year 2017 alone. It is noted that the number of surgeries being done has shown a steep rise in the last decade.

What Is Joint Replacement?

This Joint Replacement Surgery is done if any other medical treatments such as medications and physical therapy don’t help a person. However, the surgical procedures and its post-operative recovery vary for knee, shoulder and hip replacement, for one person to another.

Joint Replacement Surgery

These surgeries are usually done to treat degenerative joint disease, particularly severe osteoarthritis in people. It is commonly known as arthroplasty too. To put simply, arthroplasty is a surgical correction performed by professional and the best orthopedic surgeons, either by doing a replacement of degenerated or affected joint or by doing the reconstruction of the joint.

Usually, this joint replacement surgery procedure is carried out by prosthetic joint replacements in the place of the affected joint. It is generally made of either cobalt chrome or stainless steel and often made from a mould. These further have a bearing surface around which joint movement happens. Today, ceramic and metal bearings are available so that one can choose the one depending on his or her medical conditions and other preferences.

According to the orthopedic professionals, the joints that are commonly replaced today are the hip and knee joints; even though hip, ankle, shoulder joint replacements are also performed commonly nowadays.

Common Reasons for Joint Problems

It has been found that the most common causes of the joints not functioning appropriately are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Well, no one as such is agile of what triggers this arthritis, but according to healthcare professionals, some of the things that may contribute to it and lead to arthritis may include –

1. Some repetitive injures
2. May comes from heredity
3. Issues with the development of the joint
4. Because of severe trauma to the joint cartilage
5. Genetic problems with the cartilage
6. Other than these being overweight is not necessarily the cause of arthritis, but yes chances are it can contribute to joint problems in the future.

Common Symptoms of Serve Joint Damage

The most common signs and symptoms of joint damage may include –

1. Swelling of the joints
2. Malformations in joints
3. Limitation of joint movements
4. Debilitating pain in joints
5. Tender and warm joints

So, these mentioned above signs are found to be the most common symptoms of joint replacement surgery.

Who Needs A Joint Replacement Surgery?

A person having a damaged joint may be considered for this surgical procedure, and the causes for that can be –

Traumatic joint injury that is further causing post-traumatic arthritis: Well, this instance happens in a situation where an episode of trauma has had caused significant damage to the joint.As a result of this, chances are trivial trauma may cause any injury or loss of tissue in the articular surfaces, that can further cause a lot of strain and stress to the joints.

Rheumatoid arthritis doing joint damage further: This is known to be one of the most common reasons that cause autoimmune-mediated damage to the joints. In fact, it is often symmetrical too and of the smaller joints.

Degenerating osteoarthritis: This is something which is completely unavoidable, particularly in the joints like knee and hip. With passing and advancing age, there might be wear and tear to the joints. However, it generally affects the bigger joints, but smaller joint involvements may also be seen in certain cases.

Are You The Right Candidate For This Joint Replacement Surgical Procedure?

Well, the answer to this question varies on different aspects and things such as -

1. Do you have some sort of disabling pain that is limiting you from doing normal activities?
2. Are you having some sort of pain in yours that is intolerable to you?
3. Do you have analgesics in the form of ointments and tablets on a regular basis from a time being?
4. Have you reached the point wherein the regular medications are not helping you out anymore?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then definitely YES you are the right candidate for this joint replacement surgery.

Get Back To Your Normal Life with Joint Replacement Surgery

This surgery is going to help you in many ways if carried out by the right and one of the best orthopedic doctor in Chandigarh. So, what you have been waiting for since so long? Go and get it treated from some real professionals and get back to your normal life back again with the same joy and enthusiasm.

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