Waiting tables is honest and essential work that you can excel at if you're willing to learn. Part of being an effective server is knowing how to protect yourself. There are all kinds of dangers lurking around when you're working in a restaurant. These are four safety hazards to avoid as a server.


It only takes a bit of liquid or other slippery substances for you to lose traction. Even if you're walking at a reasonable pace, you could still take a nasty spill on top of another spill. Make sure that you watch your step and wear appropriate footwear. If you see or are alerted of a spill, make sure a wet-floor sign is put up as soon as possible. You and the rest of the servers need to hold each other accountable, as one person neglecting to clean up a spill they caused can be a hazard for everyone around them.


Waiting tables means handling plenty of hot dishes. If you handle a plate that's absolutely scalding, it could do serious damage to your hand. Make sure that you don't touch anything unless you know for sure it's safe. If you do get burned, make sure you treat it with your restaurant's first aid kit right away.


Illnesses can pass very easily in restaurants. Dishes are passed from the cooks to the servers to the diners. If any of those parties is ill, the sickness can easily pass. To avoid getting and making others sick, be sure to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer on a regular basis.


Dishes and silverware provide all kinds of opportunity for injury. If a knife is sticking out or a glass is chipped, it could nick you. Make sure that you are mindful of what you're picking up and how you're doing it. You should also make sure to handle cutlery in a way that eliminates any risk of accidentally coming in contact with another person.

Being able to protect yourself as a server is greatly important. Should the worst happen and you're injured, you need to get the right representation. A workers' comp firm like Prediletto, Halpin, Scharnikow & Nelson, P.S. will do their best to provide you with attentive service and help you to receive the compensation you deserve. With this help, you'll hopefully be able to recover and get back on your feet very soon.

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