The Annapurna Base Camp labels as among the most popular treks in the world. And each season is known to lure in a legion of thrill-seekers to witness its colour palette, breathtaking landscape and unique charm.

No matter what the season, its high altitude region in Nepal, in the sure to spellbound you with its surrounding and grand views of the best mountain peaks in the world. Those who’ve had the privileged of trekking the ABC camp on numerous occasions, consider Spring and Autumn as the ideal time to visit. In these respective months, trekkers get ample views of its blooming flora and a gorgeous deck of vibrant blooms.

As for the other two seasons namely Summer and Winter, avid trekkers who’ve been there and witness everything, regard them to be the least favourite trekking months. And that is due to its extreme temperature and repeated spells of shower. However, the common saying is, if you are planning for an ABC trek soon, these months are the perfect time to plan and prepare, like procuring the right clothes, essentials, equipment and deciding which travel agency to trust for your Annapurna Circuit trek.

Let’s dig deeper into those months which are ideal to trek and those which are not.


The Spring season spans over the months of March (4 degrees C to -8 degrees C), April (8 degrees Celsius to -4 degrees C) and May (14 degrees C to 0 degrees C).
As you can see with these temperature readings, these months prove to be the second-best time to visit the Annapurna Base Camp. These months gives you safe and favourable trek passageways. The snow begins to belt. The skies appear blue. And you get clear views of those majestic Himalayan snow-capped mountain peaks.

Plus as stated before- you witness a blossoming forest, lots of vibrant flowers and other scenic beauty everywhere.


The Summer season spans over the months of June (16 degrees C to 3 degrees C), July (18 degrees C to 6 degrees C) and August (19 degrees C to 7 degrees C)
This is also the rainy season in Nepal, and so you will encounter long spells of rainfall frequently. The heavy downpour also makes the trekking path muddy, slippery and risky to travel on. However, in between, you will get the vibrant beauty of the region and those mountain peaks. But all-in-all, it is best to avoid Summer mainly due to the uncertainty factor.


The Autumn season spans over the months of September (20 degrees C to 0 degrees C), October (16 degrees C to -6 degrees C) and (November 11 degrees to -10 degrees C)

Trekking experts have labelled Autumn to be the best time to embark on an ABC expedition. Both in scenic beauty and climate conditions, you will get obstructed views of those incredible Himalayan peaks along with its sublime sunrise and sunset.

There will be ample foliage and blooming flowers to add that aesthetic visual to the landscape, thus giving you ample reasons to take out your camera and take countless pictures.


The Winter season spans over December (9.3 degrees C to -14 degrees C), January (7 degrees C to -19 degrees C), and February (6 degrees C to -20 degrees C) And although watching the whole region covered in a white blanket of snow, the extremely cold conditions make it very difficult to move around or even stay. At nights the temperatures drop considerably making it more difficult to survive.

So, it is best to avoid this season due to the severity of the cold and lack of vibrant flora and fauna.

Now you know which month are best for your Annapurna Base Camp Nepal trek. Start planning accordingly and always look to associate with a notable travel agency having experienced trekkers to guide you and look after you.

It will only make your expedition one remember for the rest of your life!

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Wondering which are the best months to embark on the Annapurna Base Camp Circuit Trek? Below explains the good and bad of all four seasons. Read on!