If you use email or go online with your computer, you’re probably aware of the damage a computer virus can do. There are thousands of viruses, and a whole industry that's dedicated to fighting them. Just in case you don’t know what I'm referring to, a computer virus is a 'rogue' program that's covertly introduced into unsuspecting computers -- and then it infects and sabotages them in some way. The damage could be anywhere from a "prank" (like a flashing joke or a strange message on your screen), to a very serious consequence (like totally crashing your system and erasing all your data). More sophisticated virus programs can even take over your email Address Book and self-replicate and send copies of themselves to all of your contacts in an email message that appears to be from you.

I sometimes feel angry with people who send these viruses; it seems strange that someone would measure their success by the number of people they harm. I also think it’s a waste of creative potential; all that inventiveness and energy that’s going into destroying things could be channeled into creating something new and exciting and empowering to others. What kind of person would focus on destruction like this??

Would it surprise you to know that most of us are doing exactly that same thing every day? No, we’re not sabotaging computers -- but we are sabotaging our happiness and success in life. Because that's exactly the impact and effect that a Transparent Belief has as it infects our consciousness. Luckily, the ReSurfacing Workshop contains some of the best Virus Protection Techniques for Consciousness that have ever been devised.

Here’s what Harry has to say about it: "The most important discoveries you will make are the beliefs and belief systems contained in your own consciousness. Some of these may be immediately apparent, while others are transparent -- meaning that you perceive and act through them without realizing it. These transparent beliefs affect the understanding and workability of everything else. For example, if you perceive and act through the belief that you can't improve yourself, that belief will sabotage any attempt you make to improve."
[ReSurfacing Workbook, pps 4-5]

I’ve always felt that a Transparent Belief is like a self-fulfilling prophecy, because the belief creates it's own evidence that it's true. For instance, I've had many ‘challenges’ in the area of romantic relationships this lifetime; it’s one of the reasons I took the Avatar Course in 1990. When I did the Transparent Belief exercise way back then I discovered beliefs like "relationships just don't work", and "if you're vulnerable, you’ll get hurt". So guess what -- I always had relationships that didn't work and I always ended up getting hurt. But by using the tools I learned in the Avatar Course, I was able to identify the beliefs that were creating these experiences (they were no longer transparent), become source over them, and stop the patterns they were creating.

This was the first of many Avatar miracles in my life, and the techniques I learned 12 years ago in my first Avatar Course have served me well, and never disappointed me.

Like any Virus Protection Program, the more you use the Avatar Tools the more effective they are, and the better your results will be. And the energy and attention that you had unknowingly been using to sabotage yourself can now go into deliberately creating wonderful new things in your life. And that's very cool...

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