Colour is so deeply imbedded in our psyche that it's like the air that we breath… we don't notice the power, until it is gone. Can you imagine seeing the world in monochrome? Do you feel a sudden unmistakable sinking feeling at the thought of no colour in your life?

The intimate relationship we have with colour is so intrinsic that initially people usually dismiss the idea that our responses to given colours reveal our emotional and spiritual states.

We live with all the colours around us at all times. Light itself, as many know, is all colours. When we look in wonder at a Rainbow, we are witnessing the breaking down of pure light and revealing itself across the visible light spectrum.
Every living thing on the planet is not just affected by light, but is dependant on it.

We need sunlight for the pineal gland to function properly. Its job of regulating hormones is crucial to our wellbeing.
The effect of exposure to pure red light is stimulating. There is an increase in heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. Red light has an exciting effect on the nervous system. Exposure to pure blue light has the opposite effect: lowering of the heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure.
Blind people can sense colour through touch because each colour has a separate vibrational level.

Each colour on the complete visible light spectrum from infra red through to ultra violet transmits on a separate frequency and our bodies can feel these subtle energies.
Blind people can sense colour through touch because each colour has a separate vibrational level. Musicians, notably, Jimi Hendrix, heard music in colour.

Holistic and Energy therapists work with these energies all the time as part of their treatments. The whole essence of holistics and energy treatments is to create balance and harmony in the body which will then free the body to heal itself.

These energies are felt throughout the body but the main meridian line runs through the centre of the body from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

These Chakras (energy points) break the full light spectrum into separate colours as follows: Red, at the base (survival); orange, at the sacrum (creativity); yellow, at the solar plexus (joy); green, at the heart (harmony); blue, at the throat (communication); indigo, at the forehead (intuition) and violet, at the crown (enlightenment). Such insight has been worked with in the East for hundreds of years.

During the first half of the 20th century Dr. Max Lüscher, a Swiss scientist, realised how deep and subtle our relationship with colour is. He researched colours and their effects on the human mind and emotions and created the Lüscher-Colour-Diagnostic test in 1947.

His patented colours ensured that the chart used remains constant in varying shades and light intensity. The colours included in the test measure 23 personality traits, some of which lie outside the realm of the conscious.
Becoming more conscious of the effect of colour in our lives, mentally, emotionally and physically, will help us understand how colour affects not just our sense of wellbeing but can be used as a key to unlock deeper spiritual levels.
So you could say that there is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but something far more precious - enlightenment itself.

Take a look at the colour wheel for an 'at a glance' sense of how we interact with colour. As a starting point for more in depth understanding then take a look at the colour profiles. We are multi dimensional beings, we respond physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to events in our lives.
The interplay of these human facets, and the order they occur, the predominant motivation we had at the time, and later on reflection, makes the possibilities numerous. Add to this the fact that the spiritual level from which we view each experience plays a crucial part in determining how we see each event, and you begin to see how exciting and revealing reading and interpreting colour can be.

The colour choice for the purposes of the Luscher Test should be intuitive.
With a full colour reading, you would be asked to pick colours instinctively, and the order you pick them plays a main role in reflecting your innermost longings and hopes and fears. A true reading will be done without distractions and without preference given to 'favourite' colours, or colours that you might wear because they suit your skin tones.
The colour choice for the purposes of the Luscher Test should be intuitive. Ideally the person assisting you with the reading is intuitive. I would always ask a person to do the exercise twice, and I would gauge which was more spontaneous and use that one for the prime reading.

Other factors that a Professional Colour Reader would be experienced with is understanding that, just like with energy blocks in Chakras, people can chose a particular colour, in a particular order, on a particular day, because of a strong experience that they had on that day … and therefore not necessarily relevant to any deeper, long term issues.
The Luscher Test can be used as a one off amazing insight to what is happening for an individual at that time or it can be used as part of a therapeutic session for people who are facing a crossroads, and as part of a persons spiritual journey towards enlightenment through a Personal Evolvement Course which is my favourite way to use it.

RED (Base Chakra): Red increases our energy levels and our physical powers. Red excites all the body’s physical processes. It raises blood pressure and generates body heat. Red is warm and has the ability to stimulate and strengthen at an emotional level. It increases sensuality, the sense of touch and the expression of uninhibited passion. At a mental level, the energy of red imparts strong will, determination and staying power. It can be seen as raw power.

ORANGE (Sacral Chakra): Orange is known for its power to give energy after periods of physical or mental exhaustion. It is the emerging consciousness of life. It is joyous because it is a colour that is psychically aware but not self conscious. It has comforting healing qualities because it carries with it a sense of grounding and life working together. It feels secure and yet vibrant. It is the colour of procreation and sexual awakening.
YELLOW (Solar Plexus Chakra): Yellow promotes intellectual openness and optimism, it encourages experimentation. It is the colour of focus and excites creativity and achievement on the material plane. It is the colour that relates closely to the ego and how we interface with the world around us. It can have the tendency to focus to the point of excluding all other nuances.
GREEN (Heart Chakra): Green eases emotional tension fields, as well as strengthening balance and harmony at a physical and emotional level. Green promotes characteristics such as helpfulness, stamina, tolerance and satisfaction. It is a neutral colour of healing. Green brings together healing powers and promotes regeneration. It is the colour than engenders physical peace and is the point where the dominance of the ego starts to fade.

BLUES (Throat Chakra): Blue is about communication. Blue has the power to give the body the healing energy it needs that it might cope with daily stress in a strong, calm and relaxed way.
The throat chakra is often energy blocked. All of us struggle at some point to some degree each day in communicating with and understanding others. The voice can be used to encourage calm or encourage anger. Blue stands at the crossroads … it is the chakra through which we express our motivation toward others and to life itself.
Blue goes from turquoise to navy, and through to Violet (Indigo) - reminiscent of the endless vastness of space. It is the colour of our intuition. Indigo clears emotions and thoughts and heightens the access to intuition. It supports meditation, promotes positive thoughts and has the ability to increase one's consciousness.

Violet is the colour of spiritual healing and strengthened brain activity. It expresses unconditional, selfless friendship, as well as higher ideals such as tolerance, sympathy and altruim.

Author's Bio: 

Caroline Rowlands is a Reiki Master Teacher ; NLP Practitioner; Complementary Therapist and Personal Evolvement Coach. Her early career in the world of business has given depth and breadth to her Holistic Therapies Practice. Her main focus is running Reiki Courses from Reiki 1 through to Reiki Master Teacher, and providing Personal Evolvement Sessions (PES). Anyone can live a centered life of combining inner peace, and outward success. I`m not talking about quick superficial fixes. If someone is willing to make the necessary changes in how they see themselves and their relationship to the rest of the world, and take the necessary actions, they will experience deep resonating changes. I am privileged to be in a position to help people achieve this understanding of themselves.