History of name badges is very old and goes back to prehistoric era as well however their uses have enhanced from mere identification tools to much more these days. Considered as way to promote the company within itself (internal marketing) and outside, identification badges serve many other purposes as well. Security and authorized access is managed through the special purpose electronic badges these days. They are also in use for keeping the track of staff attendance by Human Resource departments across the world. Perhaps their most important use comes in the conferences and exhibitions where they are used for getting rid of the formalities for the staff and outside world to interact with each other by giving the staff the required familiarity. It is very common for companies to equip their staff members with electronicbadges to get the many benefits on offer.
With the proper hardware in place the electronic company badges can provide security and apply restriction on unauthorized access of the personal in the different physical areas. For instance only IT people are supposed to access and everyone should be able to access the main door for the entrance, electronic badges can be customized exactly that way. In school the name badges can be given to parents only so that no one else is able to access the school and take the kids with him or her.
Name badges are also important in the different business meetings where the name badges communicate the name of the organization as they contain the company logo and person’s name and his or her department. First time calling by the name of the employee can initiate the discussion on a very friendly note and in businesses relationship is mostly the key to bring more and more revenue to guarantee growth and stability of the organization. If some potential customer visits the company nameplates are extremely important to show the designation and stature of the person, so that the person does not go places to get to the right person. The printed badges are essential in promoting or marketing the company in exhibitions, tradeshows, annual dinners etc. At a place where are many organization like yours are present badges promotes the company like anything and provide ease for discussion with the potential buyers. As the designation of the person is also written on the badges so people can easily know if the person is the right guy for particular query or not.
Badges come with many accessories and some special purpose items could be added to them. For instance for a trade exhibition company may need to add something extra to the normal badge the employee is provided with.
Custom made printed badges are also valuable giveaways for the customers as they show the sense of belongingness and could be the part of “Know your customer” scheme. Orders could easily be placed online and they are not that expensive and it does not take the vendor too long to fulfill the demand.

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