Several people tend to struggle with mole problems and it is not easy to keep the moles hidden from sight with the help of your clothes. However, it becomes extremely difficult to cover up the moles on the lips. It is very important to find a solution for mole removal on face with no fear of scarring. The thing is that moles are quite hideous in appearance and are not popular when you are talking to people. Moles are not really harmful in general but may tend to be a source of embarrassment for any person.

Face moles can be easily removed with the help of different surgical procedures. This is quite a complex task and you will need an experienced doctor to help in this case. The thing is that a mole may regroup if the surgical procedure is not carried out in the correct manner. There are various alternatives available with respect to surgical procedures for mole removal. Selecting the right procedure is very important and should be done after discussing with a dermatologist. Burning and cutting are two methods that are used consistently for removing moles.

Moles are not really threatening in nature as far as health is concerned although some moles may indeed be cancerous. The patient is normally subjected to local anesthesia in order to cut off the moles from the skin. Moles in addition to the surround tissue are generally cut off during the whole procedure. Post the surgical procedure, there is generally a wound that is seen on the affected area and is closed with the help of stitches. The stitch of the wound has to be taken care of within a few days of the completion of the procedure. Another option that is handy for getting rid of smaller moles is known as plug biopsy which is frequently used by doctors.

Flat moles are often seen attached to the surface of the skin in different areas of the body. So, it is not always feasible to get rid of these moles by cutting them. Liquid nitrogen is a substance used quite often in the process of freezing. This is a very good option for getting rid of moles on the surface of the skin. A temporary scab is often left back after mole freezing. The scab takes a short duration of time in order to fall off from the skin. You do not have to attack the scab and pull it off as it will leave behind a scar as a result.

These surgical options are very useful for the purpose of mole removal on face but it is best to seek advice from a dermatologist. The only problem is that your insurance may not cover the expenditure for the surgical process. The only way you can get the treatment covered by insurance is if the mole turns to be cancerous. You may have to come back for more than one session so as to ensure the removal of moles from the face on a permanent basis. Make sure that you follow all the pointers handed out by the doctor after the procedure is completed.

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