There are many non-profit organizations that work for the betterment of society but these groups rely on federal grants based on faith for running their social programs. To cater to the needs of these non-profit social communities, the US federal government has set up a dedicated office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships to extend financial assistance to the non-profit groups in running their community programs. Plenty of funds are available for running these programs and the good thing is that it is quite easy for a non-profit organization to receive grants. The US federal government really appreciates the community programs run by different non-profit organizations.

Department of Justice extends financial assistance to grass-root communities working to uplift the quality of life of victims of crimes and victims of domestic violence. It is learnt that victims of crimes find it difficult to find a respectable position in the mainstream society. Life for the victims of crime is not normal as people they have to answer many questions that other people ask about their sufferings. There are organizations that work to make life better for them. These organizations get grants based on faith as an appreciation from the government for undertaking community programs.

Department of Labor looks for non-profit organizations working for unrepresented workers in different communities. These organizations qualify for the grants based on faith provided by the Department of Labor for educating and training previously jailed youths and make them an asset for the country. Punishment from the court is considered a social stigma but the federal government is of the view that the culprits must be given an opportunity to become a respectable citizen. It is in the interest of the society that the previously jailed youths are accommodated in their respected communities. The groups working in this field get appreciation from the federal and local governments for doing a commendable work.

The Department of Health and Human Services awards grants based on faith for the non-profit groups working to spread awareness about drugs and dreaded diseases. Some communities are notorious for drug trafficking and the government wants them to come to mainstream society by stopping their acts. The government promotes good people from these communities to help their brothers and sisters leave drug trafficking and join the good American society. State is the guardian of its citizens and it is the duty of the state to work for greater good.

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