What is the compensation amount that is received after you encounter personal injury? Personal injury can either be injury to the body or injury to the mind. You will receive an amount commensurate to the degree of personal injury suffered. The more severe the personal injury is, the higher is compensation amount will be. On the other hand, do not expect to get too much if the damages are only minor. But if there is a bone fracture or some broken bone issues, you can receive more amount. The same is true when there are severed limbs, amputation or, worse, brain damage. Those who suffer from these problems will actually receive a very large sum of money. The personal injury settlements depend a lot on the injury type and its impact on the human life.

Even the loss of employment and profits, albeit potential, will be factored in the computation of settlement. A person who fails to go to work because of his injury will be given as compensation the amount he would have received from work. These personal injuries affect people in many various ways. The impact of these injuries to their personal life is highly important. The level of impact will also determine the amount of compensation. For example, let us look at the case of a cricket player. This professional cricketer plays cricket because it is his bread and butter. If an accident makes him unable to play, then he surely deserves to be paid compensation for it. This is otherwise known as loss of amenity.

Many different types of road traffic and motorist accidents can fall under the category of personal injury. They can also include accidents that take place at home or in the workplace, as in the case of factories. Product defect accidents also have the potential to lead to personal injury cases. Holiday accidents are also included. You might have heard about medical and dental accidents. The claims for medical negligence have been constantly on the rise, and even the department providing funding for such personal injury cases attest to that fact. Unforeseen accidents also happen in the factories and similar workplaces, and they could come in various forms. For instance, the use of excess amount of asbestos in the building construction can lead to so many health issues. They could acquire Asbestosis, peritoneal mesothelioma and pneumoconiosis. If the working environment is unhealthy or not conducive to working, the workers could come down with chest diseases and asthma. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or obstructive airway disease are also possibilities. Vibration white finger and occupational deafness also qualify as personal injuries. Contact dermatitis is also included, as well as occupational stress.

There is a specific time limitation for such type of compensation. In England, the proceedings for the claims should be completed within 3 years from the date of the accident. If they fail to complete the proceedings within those three years, the claimant will lose his rights to his compensation. In short, he wouldn't get anything.

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