With the increase in different modes of communication which are becoming very popular today, newspaper still remains the preferred mode of communication. One of the reasons being it’s the cheapest mode of communication, available in different languages. Even with the booming of internet and the popularity of television, advertising in newspaper is still very powerful as it can reach to some customers we cannot reach otherwise. For a long time since the invention of print media classifieds have remained the most popular method of trading. Whether it is advertisements of products for buying or selling or advertisements of vacancies, classifieds have ruled the market.

Newspaper classified advertising is a form of advertising in a certain segment of the newspaper.The advertisements are grouped into categories or class, hence it is termed as classified. Advertising in newspaper classified are typically short as they are charged for by the line, and one newspaper column wide. The three major headings are Employment, Real Estate, and Automotive, although there are many additional categories too. Newspaper classified advertising has its own rate card as it is responsible for a major portion of the publisher's revenue. Rates are based on the amount of space (words or lines of copy) and the length of time the ad will run. Newspaper classified advertising can be either Text Classified Ads or Classified Display ads. Text Classified Ads are normal text ads. These ads can be booked in simple running ad text format with some percent of the text as bold & in capital letters. Classified Display Ads are high visibility ads. These ads can be booked in Colour or B&W along with images, logos to grab attention and better response. However Classified Postings are different from Display Ads which are multi column print ads with high resolution and higher visibility. Display advertising appears throughout the newspaper and is charged according to column inches they take whereas classified postings are confined in a specific area and are charged according to the lines or words used. Ad booking in newspaper classified need to be very specific and there are stringent rules to be followed while ad booking. However one should always adopt some tips for successful Classified posting like a classified add should always begin with a strong headline and to get good response you should always attract target audience by giving a good offer he can’t refuse.

newspaper classified has ruled the market for a long time but now online ads are trying to intrude the market. But you will be glad to know that Even though online ads have grown these days but Newspaper classified ads still stands out holding its position at the top.

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