When it comes to dessert, you might be craving for something sweet and creamy to complete the meal. It is tempting to eat the usual cold dish like ice cream or frozen treats, since these are readily available in stores. However, those who are health-conscious should opt for a more nutritious dish. You can make delicious and healthy bread at home, as long as you have all the ingredients that you need for the recipe.

Banana bread is among the types of bread that you can make with so much ease. In fact, it takes less than an hour to enjoy the moist rich taste of this recipe. You can even make it using different ingredients such as chocolate chips, walnuts, pecans and other fruits. With the right combination of the ingredients, you will surely enjoy the delectable bread that will satisfy your appetite.

Here are some of the variations of banana bread that you might want to try making. You will definitely enjoy the rich taste and moist smooth texture of the bread.

Chocolate Chip Banana

Kids will definitely love this type of banana bread because of the distinct chocolate flavour that it has. You can mix in chocolate powder with the flour to make the bread rich and chocolate-y. Choose the sweetened one, so the bread will not have that bitter taste. You can also use chocolate chip in this recipe; semi-sweet ones are perfect for this bread, particularly if you are not fond of breads that are too sweet. Mix in the chocolate chips, or use them as embellishments on top of the bread. Dot the top portion with the chips, or form designs such as flower, smiley face and many more.

Nutty Banana

If you like to munch on crunchy bread, nutty banana would be perfect for you. This contains chopped nuts such as pecans, almonds or walnuts. You can blend in the nuts with the other ingredients to create a crunchy appeal to the bread. Another option would be to use the nuts as decoration on the top portion of the bread. This style is particularly great if you are using almonds on the recipe. You may eat the bread plain or spread some peanut butter on it for a truly nutty taste.

Banana Zucchini

Vegetable lovers would love this banana bread because of the interesting texture and taste of zucchini. Simply add in grated zucchini to the batter; you will delight on the great combination of a highly nutritious fruit and vegetable in the bread. You can also add chocolate chips or chopped nuts in the bread to make it even more flavourful. This bread is also ideal to entice kids to eat vegetables; with the rich and delicious taste of the bread, you will never have to force them to love zucchini.

There you have it, just a few of the many variations of banana bread. Try making these recipes and you will certainly give your family a healthy snack or dessert. Serve the bread with an ice-cold beverage or fruit juice for a satisfying mealtime.

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