The dangers of tobacco smoking have been well documented over the last sixty years at the very least. Leading researchers, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and scientists have cited tobacco smoking as a leading cause of death and lung disease in most developed countries. The dangers of smoking include cancers, lung disease, reduced lung capacity, and breathing problems. Since this information became public knowledge, researchers and entrepreneurs have been seeking for better alternatives to smoking.

Vaping eliminates the main problem of tobacco smoking, which is that during combustion of tobacco toxic chemicals known as carcinogens which promote the formation of cancers are produced. E-cigarettes and vape do not combust anything or produce a smoke; rather a liquid is heated up in the device producing an aerosol. This discovery has placed vaping firmly as an alternative for smoking.

What Is Vaping?
Vaping involves inhaling and then exhaling a vapour; an aerosol produced from heating a liquid in the vaping device. As earlier stated, in vaping there is no combustion of tobacco or anything else. Vape is derived from “vapour” which indicates that it consists primarily of aerosol.

While the process of combusting tobacco produces harmful chemicals, vaping produces harmless food grade chemicals such as vegetable glycerin, nicotine, acetaldehyde, propylene glycol, and nitrosamines. They are not as harmful as the toxic chemicals produced during tobacco smoking.

The Mechanics of Vaping Devices
Vaping devices can also be referred to as e-vaporizers, electronic nicotine delivery systems, or e-cigarettes. They are battery-operated devices that have a compartment called the cartridge which contains the e-juice or vaping juice. They can look like pens, pipes, USB memory sticks, cigars, or tobacco cigarettes. The device comes with a heating element, as well as a mouthpiece which is used to inhale.

The Differences Between Vaping vs Smoking
There are quite a number of factors that differentiate smoking from vaping. These factors reveal the differences in cost, variety, chemical composition, and addictiveness between the two.

Variety of Flavours
Unlike tobacco cigarettes, vape comes in a variety of flavours. This is as a result of the e-juice used in the cartridge of the device being made available in various flavours such as sweet, fruity, savoury, methol, sweet, as well as flavourless. The advantage is that when one gets tired of one flavour, they can switch to a different flavoured e-juice and enjoy the variety that comes with vaping.

Composition of Toxic Chemicals
Numerous studies show that vaping is less harmful than smoking. During tobacco cigarette smoking, combustion of the tobacco takes place. This process produces at least thousands of toxic chemicals, some of which are carcinogens. Vaping on the other hand does not involve combustion of any sort, rather the e-juice is heated up and it produces an aerosol or vapour which is inhaled and exhaled.

In addition, combustion of tobacco and tobacco smoking produces tar, ash, and unpleasant odours. Vaping does not produce any ash, tar, or unpleasant odours. The absence of tar and ash in vaping results in better lung capacity, better oral hygiene, better skin health, and an improved sense of smell for a person vaping as opposed to a person smoking a tobacco cigarette.

The secondhand smoke produced during cigarette smoking is also a dangerous feature of tobacco smoking. Secondhand smoke is the smoke produced during tobacco smoking which is inhaled involuntarily by bystanders. Research shows that it causes serious health problems in adults such as lung disease, and health problems in infants such as ear infections, severe asthma, respiratory infections, and sudden infant death syndrome. This demonstrates that even for bystanders, the difference between vaping and cigarette smoking.

Control of Nicotine Intake
Vaping gives a person total control of the amount of nicotine they use and consume because the e-juice used in vaping comes in different nicotine strength levels. The strength levels range from high-strength nicotine, medium, to nicotine-free. People used to tobacco smoking can begin with high-strength nicotine and lower their intake by opting for e-juice with medium strength. They could also gradually reduce it further if they wish till they are able to go for nicotine free e-juice.

Addictiveness of Vaping Vs Smoking
Vaping is much less addictive than tobacco smoking. Tobacco cigarettes are made up of nicotine and tobacco, and when combustion takes place the nicotine itself is harmless but addictive to the smoker. While vape also contains nicotine, the difference is that with vape the person can decide on the amount of nicotine used in the e-juice. By being given this choice, a vaper can control nicotine intake and by extension, control addictiveness.

Financial Cost of Smoking Vs Vaping
The financial cost of smoking vs vaping is clear; smoking is more expensive than vaping. Vape is cheaper than tobacco cigarette because cigarettes are expensive. They are disposable, unlike vape that comes in a device. Vapes are available in a broad price range and most components of the vaping device are typically reused. This reduces the cost of vape to the consumer overall and makes it a much cheaper alternative for smoking.

The Vaping Starter Kits For Beginners
Vaporesso starter kits are known to be the best vaping devices for vapers who are beginners. They are also the best kits for experienced vapers. The starter kits are all-in-one kits which contain all components required for vaping. They also come in various shapes such as pens, and in various sizes. For a person who wants to start vaping, the best options are pen such as Renova ZERO, Vinci X and Swag II.

Vaporesso also has a larger vaping device which is an ideal starter kit called the Vaporesso Swag II. Yet another starter kit which is even more powerful is the Luxe S Kit; a good looking vaping kit with great features that are user friendly and useful. The Vaporesso vaping starter kits costs between $14 to $80. The price varies depending on simplicity and flexibility of the device.

The starter kits are rather easy to operate and to use. Ease of use is an important feature for beginner vapers. An example of such an easy to use and operate starter kit is the starter kit Zero and the Podstick. A key advantage of the starter kits is that vapers can control nicotine intake by deciding on the strength level of the nicotine in their e-juice.

Research from various sources demonstrates that vaping is an alternative for smoking. The harmful health conditions that result from tobacco smoking indicate that vaping is a good aternative for smoking. The absence of combustion of tobacco in vape results in better oral hygiene, better skin and others. Vaping does not produce secondhand smoke and the resulting health conditions.

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