Ideally it would be advisable to not do either. But for committed long term tobacco smokers that simply cannot give it up, then vaping is the only option.
From nowhere it has in the past fifteen years become a multi-billion dollar industry. And thousands of new people becoming e cig addicts join around the world every day.

It all began with a Chinese chemist looking for a way to smoke without breathing in carbon monoxide and lining the lungs with tar. With e cigs neither of those occur.

Many tobacco smokers are increasingly fed up with successive governments increasing tax revenues with every new budget. They either have the willpower to just stop or they switch to e cigs.

E liquids UK still contains some nicotine and therefore the inevitable taxes. But if you shop around, e cig inhalation should be a lot cheaper than tobacco products.

Various commentators have tried to figure out the savings a person makes when moving off tobacco and onto vaping. It’s not a simple exercise as it depends so much on the strength and volume of the vapour.

It also depends on the device used as there are plenty of different ones. Some use less juice than others so some research on this should be carried out by anyone thinking of switching to vaping.

But some surveys conclude that if a person spends five thousand pounds a year on cigarettes and then switches to vaping, they could be saving as much as two thousand pounds or more.

The biggest problem is simply choosing the right flavour. With many thousands of them available it’s best to play safe to begin with and just look for the most popular ones.

There are many online lists just as you would expect. On the internet there are always plenty of people desperately compiling lists on every product or service on planet Earth.

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