Tips on using your eyes correctly
The eyes are the most valuable organs of the body and

yet are the most neglected. Eye problems is growing at

a high rate in the society today that about 75% of the

population have eye problem.

The fact is that only 3% of people have eye problems

at birth but the statistics shows that we are a

generation of eye handicapped. It is not uncommon to

hear of visual problem such as nearsightedness,

astigmation and other hidden eye problem.

The fact is more often than not, we may not be aware

of the problem as most eye examination does not look

for hidden eye problems and they go undetected and

untreated. Most hidden eye problems include the

following: eye-tracking, sluggish or inefficient focus,

unstable fusion, inadequate dept perception, reduced

peripheral awareness, shifting focus from far to near or

vice versa, difficulty in judging distance objects or

position, using one eye at a time instead of the two


The following are some eye problem symptoms that

are usually taken for granted or ignored, undue

fatigue, mental tension, a stiff neck, aching back. Many

people may not connect the above to their eyes and it

will continue for a long time.

The question is what are we doing to impair our vision

and wear our eyes out? We cannot do anything without

our eyes. It is clear that our eyes are performing

tidious job and need care to carry us to old age.

When we are young, we are ask to read or go to school

which require very closed vision work.This continues

after graduation and you starts working. You are expose

to sharp light and required to perform job of close

vision almost everyday for years. e.g. an architech or an

accountant must use their eyes closely. The age of the

computer has not help matter, most people are glued

to their computers for hours daily and internet

marketers work with computers daily at closed vision

work which will affect the eyes on the long run. You

need to take the right action to use your eyes correctly

or else you might end up wearing glass and changing

them every 3 to 6 months.

Here are some tips you can use to preserve your vision
or reverse any hidden eye problems.

1. When reading or writing do the following:
a)Your desk should at waist level
b)Be in sitting position-that is sit in a comfortable
c)Do not sit on floor
d)Hold what you read in a right angle position
e) Never lay on your stomach or on your side
f) Sit straight with your head and back upright.
g) do not place what you want to read on the floor
h)Never stoop forward
i) After an hour of close work, take break by getting
up and moving around.
j)Take deep breath that comes from your stomach
after reading for an hour.
l)Your chair should allow your feet to touch the floor-
if too high add a stool to help you.

2.What you want to read should not be too far
a)Blink frequently
b)Be aware of your environment(of what is happening
around you as you work at your closed job)
c)Take a break every 20 minutes(say after reading 3-5 pages non-fiction or 8-10 pages of fiction.)

3.Good lighting system is required.
a)Sit near the window during the day
b) Let no shawdow fall on your work. e.g your hands
showdow while reading
c)Have good lamp and position it at your right if you
are left handed and vice versa.

4.The book you read must not be glossy and should
have big letters or printing

5. Never watch television in a dark room, at least a
small light should be on.Sit comfortable and take a
break frequently to gain your vision back.Don't sit
hours focusing on watching television.

6. If sewing, keep your eyes moving along the needles.
7. Do not keep night work till very late as this will
affect your eyes.

8. Avoid reading on a moving vehicles

9. When sick, suspend all reading as this will affect
your vision. Your eyes need more rest at this time.

If you will like to avoid the damage of eye glass and

using eye glass daily or you want to reverse Myopia,

Hyperopia and other serious conditions, and at the

same time restore your vision naturally without

expensive and harmful surgery, then you don't want to

miss the insights I'm going to reveal here..

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An expert in using vitamins, herbal preparation and food supplement to correct or reverse deficiency disease and sickness. She been in this business for over 12 years.