The reason why visualisation can work so incredibly well is because the subconscious mind responds to emotions.
So, if you want the mind to really believe your visualisation exercises as the truth, and as a matter of fact, you will have to start practicing and associating real emotions with your visualisation exercises.

Those feelings of joy, exhilaration, thrill, suspense, happiness, laughter, excitement, and all such emotions convince the mind that the experience is true and real. It is this mind reality experience is what you should be aiming for with visualisation.


It is the visualisation with EMOTION that leads to the materialisation of your goals, dreams and desires. This visualisation with emotion leads us to the fact that if you…

Act it in your imagination, then you…

Attract it in reality.

They say practice makes perfect, however, practice does not make it perfect every time, it is perfect practice that makes it perfect every time. The more perfect you can get the practice means the more effective and perfect and amazing the results will be.

So in relation to the principle of visualisation…

Practice visualisation with emotion, and everyday you will improve. You will get better and better, until you get it down to a fine art and then the time-delay between your visualisation exercises and the realisation will be so small, that you will laugh at the word "impossible" it will no longer be in your dictionary. The impossible will be changed to the anything is possible just visualise it!

Visualisation can work both ways obviously. Your job is to work with the positive and eliminate the negative and no longer entertain, or be associated with negativity. There is no place in your mind anymore for this negativity. From now on positive thoughts and positive thinking with practice should be your new way of life.

If you do happen to find yourself having difficulty escaping from the negative, you can use power words to create a place in your mind, that is full of happiness and success, a place that holds the idea or image of peace, prosperity, abundance, love, tranquility, health, fitness and vitality that you can access whenever you feel let down or disappointed or whenever negativity tries to creep up on you. This place in your mind gives you instant recovery from the negativity. Use positive affirmations with those power words and repeat them at least 5 times, 10 times is even better, this should bring you back into a positive and productive mode.

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