There are three keys to being able to lose weight: track the foods you eat, log the exercise you get, and get enough sleep. The sleep thing is pretty much a no-brainer, although a lot of us are guilty of cutting corners there. Tracking food and exercise just got easier. Here are four valuable Twitter tools you can use to drop the pounds.

FoodFeed is a practical tool to log the foods you eat throughout the day. Just tweet what you’re noshing on to @having and FoodFeed will add it to your personal food feed. You can refer to it to see if you are really staying on track to lose weight, or if all those muffins are adding up.

DailyMile is an effective application for tracking your exercise throughout the week. You can view your accomplishments, check out training routes, and get motivated. There are listings for events, communities, and challenges issued by other DailyMilers. You can also use DailyMile to hook up with other athletes for training and support.

Ugomo is another impressive Twitter tool for logging your workouts. Start by defining your goals and your current weight. You can see a timeline of your activities for the past week, and design your own personal routine. There is a function to import information from your Garmin device. Posting messages about your conditioning sessions is a snap from Twitter. Be sure to include a hashtag for the activity and @ugomo.

RunKeeperFree is an ingenious application you can use from your mobile phone. It has recently been re-launched with much input from dedicated users. RunKeeperFree allows you to track your activities and create your own routes. You can find a “Street team” of like-minded users. It offers reports on your progress and trends and allows you to search for races and activities in your area.

These applications provide tracking, support, and advice. There is no better time to start your journey to good health. Why not use Twitter tools to help with your plans to lose weight?

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