Twitter is a unique specimen in the growing pool of social networks and many online entrepreneurs are well aware of that. There are all sorts of stories of people that actually benefit from sales and traffic increases just by doing simple activities like tweeting.

But what exactly is Twitter anyway? Think of it as an ordinary blogging platform where you can blog with a 140 character maximum limitation. Twitter refers to these blog posts as "tweets".

Believe or not, this restriction was actually the feature that drove Twitter to the mainstream. The restriction does nothing but encourage others to come up with content that is direct to the point. This can greatly help Internet marketers working to advertise businesses in making more effective messages to potential customers.

Rather than using a "friend" system like social networking heavyweights like Facebook, Twitter uses a "follower" system which generally acts as a subscribe function where Twitter users that you follow let you receive updates as soon as tweets are posted by these users. This means that you can better spread the awareness of your business if you have more people following you. Therefore, you must find ways to convince as many people as possible to follow you.

The solution is kind of a no-brainer if you understand how social media marketing works. You just need to come up with a Twitter profile that falls into the particular niche your site or product represents and properly fill your profile and keep tweeting. As long as your tweets focus on your particular niche, other Twitter users will notice you through recommendations. Filling up your interests helps other people with the same interests to discover your Twitter profile.

Perking up your profile is an important stage if you want your company to be more recognizable. Even something as simple as a profile photo can be turned into something very meaningful like your company logo.

The only exception is if you will be tweeting as yourself with full name and all. Professional looking pictures are better so you are more believable to your followers. This is where you need to be a bit careful and not act like a spammer because followers don't like that. Instead, be informative when it comes to your business.

Tweeting is the next step and you should construct your tweets wisely to keep your followers and gain new ones. Mix things up by not fully focusing on one area such as product updates. Share some interesting content as well such as helpful tips or links to nice articles.

Twitter still counts as a social networking site so nothing should be stopping you from replying to other tweets. Once you have lots of followers, you may notice more people making queries through Twitter which opens an excellent chance for interacting with your target crowd and convincing more people to

Another thing that you can do is "retweet" which is basically taking another tweet that your follower shared and tweeting it on your Twitter page. Do this as an act of courtesy which shows that you care about the people who follow you.

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