• In Feng Shui, Money Frog or Chinese Money Frog is a powerful tool to attract abundance and prosperity. There are hosts of other names given to the Money Frog
• This feng shui money frog made from polyresin and it is also known as wealth frog, money toad, Lucky money frog, Fortune frog and three legged money toad.
• Its Chinese name is “Chan Chu”. It’s also believed that the money frog appears, every full moon, near houses that are about to receive auspicious news about wealth or money gain.
• It’s often portrayed as a 3 legged toad, with a coin in its mouth. It feels as if the toad is ready to jump into the house bringing in all the money.
• The Money Frog symbolizes wealth and money in materialistic form. That’s the reason why, placing Money Frog is beneficial for everyone; be it a business owner or a person doing job.
• The money frog or toad is associated with monetary gain, wealth and good health. The 3 legged frog holds a Chinese coin in it's mouth and sits upon a pile of coins; these 2 feng shui symbols brings good fortune and wealth to the household.
• Chinese legends say that the Money Frog was the wife of one of the Eight Immortals. She was being turned into a frog as punishment for stealing the peach from heaven. Naturally greedy, she craves for money and wherever people see a three legged frog, there is prosperity to come.
• To increase prosperity and wealth position the money toad: place the frog inside the front door facing inwards to symbolize money coming in to the home or business. Place it in any positive directions to you to benefit wealth, a long life, luck and safety.
• A fortune frog, or money frog, is a mythical three-legged frog with red eyes and flaring nostrils. It carries a coin in its mouth, and sits upon a pile of gold coins or Chinese cash with a string of coins at its feet or a crown around its head. The coin with the good fortune symbol faces up to attract wealth, and the crown or string of coins around its feet offers protection from misfortune.
• Legend says the creature emerges on the full moon to sit by the door of people with wealth and good fortune headed their way. The frog can be gold, bronze or ceramic and comes in many sizes and colors.
• There are several places where the feng shui king money frog will work their magic; the most prominent is in the entryway of your home.

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