It's often said that it's not enough for a person to love money. In order to be truly successful and prosperous, it's also necessary to find a way to make money love you. Although this may sound impossible, there are actually a number of different ways you can use feng shui principles to attract more money and wealth into your life. If you could use a bit more wealth (and who couldn't these days,) here are a few feng shui tips that could help.

Enhancing the Entrance to Your Home or Business

If you want to attract more wealth into your life, it's important to focus first on the entryway to your home or business. This is because your front entryway is the prime area where positive energy, also referred to as "chi," enters a building. Although we might think of money as a tangible object, wealth is actually a form of energy. Therefore, if we want more wealth energy to enter our home or business, it can be worthwhile to enhance the entryway.

To attract more wealth energy, you should concentrate on keeping your front door and entryway in tip-top shape. Never let your door become shoddy or poorly maintained. If the paint starts to look a little worn, repaint it immediately. You should make sure you have a sidewalk or pathway leading up to your front door, as this can serve as a pathway for positive energy. You should also focus on beautifying your entryway area. A beautiful potted flowering plant can enhance your front door. However, never let any dead or faded blooms remain on the plant. If you have bushes or trees growing in close proximity to your front door, make sure they are kept carefully trimmed so that they do not block the path.

Inside your home or business, you should make sure that the pathway leading from the front door into the living space is always kept clear. Don't use the foyer or entryway as a place to drop shopping bags, purses or backpacks. By doing so, you'll be creating an obstacle that positive energy may not be able to get around.

Create a Light and Welcoming Area

Adding light features around your front door area is another way to welcome more chi energy into your home. Light actually serves as a magnet for energy, and can be used to activate the chi that surrounds your home. By making sure the doorway is well lit, you'll be doing a lot to encourage more wealth within your home or business. The inside area of foyer or entryway area should also be well lit.

You should also make sure that there aren't any annoying or distracting factors concerning your front door. For example, if the hinges squeak, you should lubricate them immediately. A broken doorknob or knocker can also be an annoyance, and as such an impediment to the flow of positive energy into your home.

Finally, if you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to attract wealth to your home or business, black can be a very important color. Black is often considered to represent money. As such, placing a black mat in front of your front door can be a great way to attract more wealth. Or, try painting your front door a rich, glossy black shade.

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