Direct mailing is a simple yet effective marketing strategy that almost all businesses have used over the years. If you are planning to start or re-launch your own direct mailing campaign, here are several ideas that you may want to take into consideration. These are tried and tested strategies that can help you boost customer response rates.

• Establish your own unique brand personality. A unique brand personality can make your direct mail piece stand out and make people remember you easily and in a positive way. A recognizable logo and a catchy slogan are just some ideas that can help you establish your own brand personality.

• Include a letter in your direct mailing programs. A well-written, personalized letter can get you ahead in the game.

• Make your letter appealing and easy to read. Use simple, short sentences and even short paragraphs for greater readability boxes. Include a signature that looks like it was written by a human being and not by a design program.

• Push your readers to respond right at the very moment. Repeat it a couple of times for emphasis. Tell them a good reason why it is important to act now (maybe because your direct mailing offer is only for a limited time).

• Create dynamic headlines. Use emphatic action words and give strong promises followed by real benefits. Make your headlines engaging with the aim of getting people very interested to read the entire message.

• Keep in mind that your envelope has only one important job – to get opened. Make it as interesting as its content. You may consider using attractive graphics, and intriguing teasers.

• Avoid blank envelopes as these will only frustrate your recipients. With blank envelopes, they will initially get the idea that the letter is from a friend or associate only to be surprised once they see the advertisement inside. Don’t be surprised yourself when your mailer ends up in the trash because of this.

• You may place your return address on the envelope’s back flap. Consider putting your offer conspicuously somewhere – just make it short and straightforward.

• Alternatively, you may use postcards instead of sending letters with envelopes. Postcards can instantly place your offer in front of your prospects.

• Find ways on how to present your offer more effectively. People should find your offer very irresistible so make it unique, meaning it has to be something they can’t get anywhere else and in any other way. Here’s an idea – make it FREE.

• Make sure to restate the offer a couple of times in the entire direct mailing package.

Ultimately, direct mailing success depends on the accuracy of your mailing list. All of these tips will become useless when you use a wrong list or if you purchase from an unreliable vendor. If you are in the area, you may consider getting the services of a professional Amarillo direct mailing company to make the most of your direct marketing efforts.

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