A Centrifuge is a machine that rotates fast, applying centrifugal control to its contents, to separate different densities of liquids from each other. The centrifuge works on the principle of sedimentation, and is used widely in laboratories for examination studies as well as in medical science.

Centrifuges are usually solid and made of either metal or plastic. They are driven by an electric motor. The inside has panels for supplement the glass tubes. Different sizes of centrifuge control, the number of glass tubes it can house at a time. A knob is present on the body of the centrifuge machine, which can be rotated to adjust the rotation per minute. Depending upon the type of liquid, whose mechanisms have to be detached, the rotation speed is set.

Centrifuges are commonly used by the medical physicians, for studying different bio chemicals such as proteins, nucleic acids and blood. They can separate serum and plasma from blood or even the solids from the liquids. Having this very pure sample of blood serum is important for the testing events and examination. Medical centrifuges spin at a very high speed which can go up to 800 spins per minute. The high revolution per minute allows the separation activity in a very low time. The difference in the densities of the mixed basics in a liquid is the principle behind the working of a centrifugal device.

Centrifuges are also very useful in urine analysis. By performing centrifuge on the urine sample, the components present in the urine can be inspected for irregularities. Similarly, centrifuges are extensively used in blood banks, where the plasma separated from blood is required in emergency cases. The Pharma businesses use the centrifuge machine for chemical analysis and synthesis of medicines and cosmetics, such as separating the essential oils or cream from milk.

Modern day centrifuges such as the ultracentrifuges is strong enough to separate mixtures of different sized molecules, or microscopic particles in a cell. The ultra-centrifuges produce centrifugal force that is 100 times greater than the gravitational force. Modern machines come in both standard and horizontal formations offering a great degree of flexibility for the user.

The centrifuge has become a vital piece of equipment for any medical practice for the examination of patient’s material and more commonly in use for various clinical trials programs. I do hope this brief overview has been of attention, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have

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