In the years before the advent of digital photography, taking and printing pictures was a much more difficult process. The actual number of photographs you could take was limited by the number of exposures on a film, and once you’d filled the film up, the work was really only just starting. Digital photo printing, on the other hand, keeps things so quick and simple that whole new horizons are opened up, to the point where activities such as calendar printing are brought within easy reach of anyone.

Whilst looking round a photo gifts shop, seeking out just the right cards, it might occur to you that personalised Christmas cards would be both a more attractive and more meaningful choice to make. Whilst this may be the case, many people feel they lack the skills required to make Christmas photo gifts of this kind, but technology has advanced to the point where all of the hard work is done for you. Unlike the old fashioned analogue photo developing, digital photo printing is both quick and easy and is something you can do by and for yourself.

It’s no longer a case of handing your film in to a specialised shop, or even posting it away to a lab at the other end of the country. Once you’ve gone through the hundreds of photographs which a digital camera encourages you to take and selected the ones which you want to keep, then the steps needed to actually print photos to keep are simplicity itself. It’s not merely a question of photo prints, however. Such is the flexibility of a digital image once it’s been taken and saved, that it can be turned into any one of a dazzling range of gifts, items and keepsakes.

This fact is something which is worth bearing in mind when you’re doing your Christmas shopping and struggling to find something which is suitable for a friend or loved one. Making a gift yourself, using your own images, is, in many ways, the perfect answer, since it allows you to control every facet of the finished gift and ensure that it chimes in precisely with the personality of the recipient and how much they mean to you. For example, the concept of calendar printing is something which, until recently, would have been seen as one which had to be left in the hands of professional printers and retailers. Now, however, you merely have to upload the pictures you want to use and then utilise the software to lay out and design a photo calendar with a difference.

The difference will be that each month features a picture, chosen by you, which is in some way special to the person you’ve made it for. Whether you put it together around the basis of favourite family snapshots, or artistically pleasing shots of nature or architecture, the choice is yours, and the finished product will be made to the same high standard as anything you could buy in the shops, with the added bonus of being utterly unique. Giving a gift which has been designed and made as a bespoke, one off offering, will say more than any amount of spending could ever hope to say. It will demonstrate, in the strongest possible terms, just how much they mean to you, and that giving them a gift is more than just an obligation, it’s a pleasure.

When considering the options opened up by the simplicity of digital photo printing, don’t forget to bear it in mind when thinking about Christmas shopping. From creating your very own Christmas cards, to entering the world of calendar printing, you can create truly individual items which will enhance the day itself and bring joy for many days after.

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