If you are someone who uses email marketing and social media, you could get great results. There are resources that are popular nowadays and if they are used together in the right way, they can be a very profitable combination. But have you considered the most effective strategies for email marketing and social media? Make sure you leverage these tools the right way. Businesses that leverage the power of emails and social marketing tools can create great relationships.

Relationship building can help you become known as an industry authority on your topic and that status can translate to sales. Relationship building can help you attract links to your content (links that can drive traffic and traffic that can become customers) and this could be very good for boosting traffic. Once relationships and trust is established, it can become much easier to generate sales. Your trusted status with your audience will mean that when you make a recommendation, people trust your word. It’s not super easy to get to this and it’s something that many entrepreneurs covet. Here are some tips to help you get there through email marketing and social marketing:

• Build an audience through social media. Do this by providing valuable information. Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other tools. Find out where your industry hangs out and do your best to be there.
• Converse with your audience in an interactive way. Be approachable, helpful, and professional.

• Take multiple approaches at generating a mailing list. Write great content in those messages and newsletters to continually build your relationships. It’s not always easy to convince people to opt in so it may take some marketing efforts to do so but continuously work to add to your mailing list and to elevate your value added proposition.

• Drive social traffic to your newsletter opt-in and drive newsletter traffic to social media. Encourage everyone to share information with others as this will help you get even more traffic.

• Be helpful. Tell people what they want to know. Help them. Become known as an authority on your topic. Give them something valuable. Doing this instead of making the mistake of being too salesy can make a big difference.
How much time, energy, and money should you be spending on social and email marketing? That’s not an easy thing to answer but it may take a small investment to get started. Analyze your results so you can determine how to maximize your return on investment. Consider getting help, too, especially if you start to see good results that signify that it’s worth spending a good amount of time and resources here.

Invest in Good Email Marketing Tools

There are some great tools that can help you follow anti-spam laws by doing automated opt-in and opt out. These tools can help you schedule and manage updates as well as extract valuable reporting info that can spark future campaigns. Look around at all your options so you can choose the right email marketing and social media management solution to meet your needs.

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