If you try looking through medical literature, you are bound to come across many items devoted to the causes of urticaria. We'll try to discuss these causes further. We will also be digging deeper into these major causes of urticaria. For those who are not familiar with the term, urticaria is the condition that we commonly refer to as 'hives'. What you will have is a skin rash that is represented by itchy bumps on the surface of the skin. Red and itchy, one can easily pick these skin rashes out from the skin because of their raised nature.

To make things easier for us, there are two major classifications of the major causes of urticaria. The first category is composed of those causes that are of an allergic nature. On the other hand, the second group is composed of the non-allergic related causes of urticaria.

There are cases where people develop urticaria upon being exposed to certain substances, in the environment or otherwise. These allergic reactions to their environment is what brings about the urticaria. Some people also easily acquire urticaria the moment they ingest or drink certain drugs or medications. Most of the time, urticaria is actually caused by drugs or medications. Many people who are suffering from diabetes and convulsions and taking potent medications for them actually end up having urticaria. Even simple pain killers can also cause it. Keep in mind the fact that there are actually medications or prescription drugs that are known to have urticaria as a side effect. But some of these turn out to be medications used in the management o f life-threatening conditions. That is why many people prefer to overlook the urticaria and other side effects when they use it because they are more focused on treating the most crucial sickness.

The second category of urticaria causes we identified is that of non-allergic causes. We have already mentioned that not all cases of urticaria arise as a result of people being exposed to allergens. Simple scratching of the skin can lead to some people actually ending up having a case of urticaria. We have even some people who exhibit urticaria whenever their skin gets firmly stroked. Along these lines, we have yet another group of people: those who exhibit signs of urticaria upon having their skins rubbed.

Urticaria that is not allergy-induced does not only happen from rough pressure or stroking of the skin. Urticaria can even arise in some people after they have experienced drastic and extreme changes in temperature. We can easily separate them into two categories: cold-induced urticaria and heat-induced urticaria. Even the simple exposure to water can cause many people to break out in hives or have urticaria. For this problem, they can simply buy many of the available creams in the market that are specifically developed for just that purpose. Finally, we have people who are known to exhibit signs of urticaria upon being exposed to the sun. This is referred to as solar urticaria.

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