Opening a restaurant is not a straightforward task. It involves many steps, from signing deals and decorating the space to advertising and creating a satisfying menu. And it doesn’t take a brilliant mind to determine that their restaurant also needs the best commercial seating products

Picking the correct commercial furniture is essential to create a flow in your restaurant’s decor and comfortable spaces where guests can enjoy their food and drinks without back pain

However, which type of seating product will be best for your restaurant can be a time-consuming process.

Thus, to help you search for the best restaurant seating option and make informed decisions, the following sections highlight the trendiest seating products for commercial spaces.

So, let’s dive in!

Unveiling The Best Commercial Seating Products For Trendy Restaurants

Experts classify commercial seating options based on several factors, including structure, aesthetics, material and styles. 

Typically, there are four chair materials to pick from: metal, wood, plastic and upholstered. High-end restaurants usually choose metal, wooden or upholstered chairs for utmost comfort. 

Additionally, when looking for wholesale commercial seating products in Australia, you will find chairs with various structural styles. Some popular chair styles are:

Side chairs: Practical four-legged side seats that usually don’t have armrests.

Armchairs: Much like side chairs, armchairs have armrests adjoined to the backrests.

Parsons: These chairs have the same design as side chairs but with upholstery and cleaner lines, making them more comfortable and sleek.

Stackable chairs: These chairs are lightweight. And they may or may not have armrests.

Bolt-down chairs: With a 360-degree swivel, these chairs are most common in bars.

Now that you are familiar with different chair styles and materials, here are the best small commercial seating products to add to your restaurant in Australia:

1. Upholstered Club Chairs With Armrests

Club chairs with rounded backs that connect to the armrests provide the utmost comfort to guests. These chairs have been in trend for decades due to their vibrant looks and functionality. Plus, the welcoming design pairs well with a range of decors.

2. Parisian Chair

If you need commercial outdoor furniture in Australia, Parisian bistro chairs are your perfect match. With intriguing designs and patterns, these chairs offer several benefits for users, including being stackable and weather resistant. 

3. Coogee Armchair

One of the most luxurious-looking commercial seating products is the Coogee armchair. This eye-catching piece can turn any place into a classic and comfortable space. With a leather-look, commercial-grade vinyl, and high-density foam, this chair can last for decades.

4. Wishbone Chair With Vinyl Seat

Lightweight and spacious, the Wishbone chair consists of European beechwood with a padded black vinyl seat for utmost comfort. It provides ample support to the back and hips, encouraging guests to stay longer at the restaurant.

5. Spindle chair

Want to add a pop of colour to your restaurant with commercial wood and aluminium outdoor furniture? Then you must check out the Spindle chair. This statement-making seating option comes in several colours and materials. It has a rounded back and padding on the seat and back for comfort.

6. Booth Seating

Upgrade your commercial outdoor bench seating to a more comfortable and sophisticated option with booth seating. Ideal for family restaurants, these high-quality booth seatings usually have sturdy frameworks and high-grade foam. 

Bottom Line

Finding the perfect commercial seating products for your restaurant can be challenging due to the many options. However, you can simplify it by focusing on the chair’s quality, longevity, material, comfort level, theme, colour and price.

Author's Bio: 

Author is the operations manager of an online commercial furniture store in Australia. He helps businesses find the perfect chairs, tables and benches for their space.