Louisiana has very restrictive weapons laws. If you are found in violation of Unlawful Use of Weapons, you will automatically be charged with a felony. If you are convicted of one of these charges you face the possibility of serving time in jail. Besides, gun laws differ in various counties and cities; you must comply with the laws for all municipalities within Louisiana, or you can receive stiff penalties.

The Unlawful Use of Weapons in Louisiana prohibits illegal carrying weapons at all times, including both loaded and unloaded weapons. It is also a violation of the Unlawful Use of Weapons to carry a weapon in the open, except while hunting and with proper identification. The same is true for minors. It is always illegal to possess a loaded firearm in your vehicle. However, an unloaded firearm, enclosed in a case that is not immediately accessible, is allowed if you have proper identification and are not violating any local laws.

If you have questions about weapons law or have been charged with an Unlawful Use of Weapons violation, you should consult a gun charge lawyer louisiana experienced with Louisiana firearm cases. He or she will know how to assess your options and resolve your case in the best possible manner, hopefully helping you avoid time in prison.

Louisiana only recognizes one form of firearm identification, the Firearms Owners Identification Card (FOID card); the state has no reciprocity with any other states' identification or registration cards. If you plan to possess a firearm in Louisiana, you must be sure you have a valid FOID card. Carrying an otherwise legal weapon without this card is a felony Unlawful Use of Weapons violation. Similarly, carrying a firearm with an expired FOID card is an Unlawful Use of Weapons violation.

Louisiana will not give FOID cards to several categories of people. If you have been convicted of a felony as an adult or juvenile, if you have been convicted of domestic abuse, assault, or battery, if you have had a restraining order taken out against you in the past two years, or if you have been a patient in a mental hospital in the past five years, you cannot obtain a FOID card. Therefore, because they cannot get a FOID card, it is illegal for any of these people to possess a weapon in Louisiana.

Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapons
There is an aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapons charge which carries even higher penalties than other Unlawful Use of Weapons violations. This designation applies to weapons charges that occur at the same time as other violations, like gang activity or other felonies. The penalties for aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapons can be very high, for instance, violating the Unlawful Use of Weapons while committing a felony carries a minimum prison sentence of 15 years.

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