Contrary to what you may think, your freak flag doesn't have to be anything crazy, unless crazy is your thing!

Flying your freak flag is more about showing up fully and not being afraid to show the world who you are and what's important to you. It's about taking a stand and having an opinion and not being afraid to share and wave it about.

Flying your freak flag gives you the freedom to be who you are. No more hiding, making sure you say the right thing, and doing things the right way. That takes way to much energy-energy that you could use having fun and doing things that interest you.

I know- it's scary to show up fully and wave your freak flag! You never know how people will react to it. People get offended so easily, but that's not your problem.'s not!!

You can't control how people react to you and your opinions. Their reaction is not about you at all and is all about them. Not everyone is going to like you no matter what you do. So stop worrying about it. Be yourself; let the world see who you are; and live a kick-ass life.

One cool thing about flying your freak flag is that it makes it really easy for the people who resonate with your opinions and what you offer to find you. When everyone one is trying to fit-in and not offend anyone it's impossible to know what someone stands for and who they are. It's impossible to make a real connection with someone because there is nothing to grab onto. I think about it as one big beige blur....nothing stands out and catches your eye. You have to look really hard to determine what differentiate one person/ service provider from another.

Do you want to be part of the big beige blur or do you want to stand out and shine so your people can find you?

Here's a fun exercise-Create your own freak flag!

Think about what you would put on an actual flag that would represent who you are and what you stand for. It could be anything. Think about the things that are meaningful to you that you would like to bring more of into your life.

My amazing and talented boyfriend made his own freak flag a few months ago.

Here is a picture of it- Pretty cool huh?

What do you think it says about him?

I've been playing with this idea for a while. I'd put a mermaid, with wild blue and purple hair and a corset on with a big vortex of creation swirling around her. She would be a wild child mermaid who manifests everything she desires. Teeheeha!

Play around with this idea for a while and let me know what you come up with. If you make one...send me a picture!!!!! I'd love to see it.

Author's Bio: 

Presented by Leah Shapiro; Kick-Ass Life Coach & Head Rabble Rouser at Defy the Box. Leah is the champion for your non-conforming soul. Leah shows you how to break free from your unsatisfying, pre-packaged life in order to create the kick-ass life of your dreams. A self admitted hedonist, Leah is frequently off engaging in pleasurable pursuits and is known to be a mighty temptress.