What is unexplained infertility?

Infertility issues are getting common among the two couples out of 8. There can be reasons for infertility like low sperm count, blocked fallopian tube and so on which can be easily detected with the diagnostic testing.

Some couples could not get pregnant and even reason for their inability for conception can not be detected in such cases where culprit cannot be detected couples have unexplained infertility which is also known as idiopathic infertility.


However the reason for unexplained infertility cannot be found but there can be some odds that can cause this type of fertility problem such as

• Woman can not release the healthy egg
• Inability of tubes to pick up the egg
• Inability of sperm to fertilize the egg
• Healthy embryo could not form

How to detect unexplained infertility

Above subtle infertility factors cannot be tested with the usual tests but such conditions can be detected with the IVF.

IVF is the lab procedure which leads to the successful pregnancy by fertilization of egg in the lab conditions. This procedure can be diagnostic and can easily detect the unexplained fertility. As if the women have the inadequate egg quality then it can be seen under the microscope at the time of egg retrieval. After the development of embryo if the couple has poor embryo development then it can be detected in the lab and even it can be tested for the genetic abnormalities.

Even some couples can not conceive due to embryo implantation issues so these can also be found with the diagnostic IVF.

Treatment for unexplained infertility

For such kind of infertility problems there are empirical treatments as specific treatment options are not available. Some researchers have revealed about the infertility treatments as follows

Such couples have 2% chances for the conception month wise without any kind of treatments. And even the treatment option with the advanced IUI option as the chances increase with the rate 3%.
Even the unexplained infertility with Clomid and IUI enhances the chances for the conception per cycle with the two three folds.

Even the ovulation stimulation with the injections of Gonadotropin with combined IUI can increase the chances up to 17 %.

But most of the couples choose the IVF procedure for unexplained infertility as it has the highest rate of conception for such couples. Such couples have more than 50% IVF success rates with the IVF and advanced procedure like ICSI.

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