Understanding the Importance of UX Design
Every website or mobile application is different. It’s like humans—each one is unique. Once you get to know people, you will realize that some have great personalities while others are dull. Still, there are other people that are so complex you just don’t want to deal with them. It’s the same with web pages or mobile applications—some are great, some are dull and some are hard to figure out. In the same manner, people will always flock toward the great page or app. So be that software with the great personality. Don’t worry, a great UX design agency will help you craft the best online presence for your business.

UX vs UI design

A lot of people interchangeably use UX and UI. They really are different web solutions that enhance the attractiveness and usability of a company’s web page or mobile app. UI or user interface design is the technical process of creating interfaces in software with primordial aim at the physical layout or design of the page. The aim of a UI company is to ensure that users will be attracted to the physical page of the website. Crafting an “attractive” web page is not just about the colors and the images, there is a lot of user research involved in order to come up with a high-quality UI design. It is an essential part of getting people to the UX part of the program.

UX or user experience design refers to the technical movement of the page. It is referred as such because it provides “user experience” among the people who navigate the page. Are they having an easy and insightful experience? Or are they grumbling over the complexities of the software? The UX design agency will have to provide a design that integrates the most important aspects of the business: brand, design and function.

While they are separate matters, the UX and the UI should really go hand in hand. On the part of the user, it is the UI that gets acknowledged first, before the UX is appreciated. But during the design process, the UX will take precedence. This is because during the software development, the UX will have to provide a cohesive technical structure that will allow the people to see the business’s brand throughout the entire process of navigating the page without sacrificing usability and function. And then it will all come together with a great UI to capture an audience.

Importance of UX firm

For decades, the user experience has always been an integral part of creating an online presence for every business. But it wasn’t until it was given a name—UX—that its importance was highlighted. As soon as people started talking about the UX as a separate entity, its fundamentals increased in popularity.

The heightened demand was also brought about by people’s attachment to their smartphones. This changed the game for all entrepreneurs as they recognize the potential to maximize internet marketing. According to statistics, 70% of Americans own smartphones while around 50% have tablets. Mobile devices contribute 71% of the country’s digital traffic. So if people are always on their mobile gadgets, entrepreneurs can seize the opportunity by providing user-friendly mobile websites and applications. The top UX agencies, like Ramotion, know best how to sustain an audience and with a top-notch UX research, the audience could very well be converted into a market.

Increasing demand for UI / UX designer

You know that being a UI UX designer is in great demand when you hear that it is one of the highest-paying jobs for new graduates, according to a Bloomberg report. The base salary for a UX designer was pegged at $73,000, the sixth highest base salary in a list of 10. Data scientist was identified as the highest-paying job for a new graduate with a base salary of $95,000. If the top UX agencies are willing to dangle that kind of amount to a fresh graduate, you know that the job is going to be important and highly specialized.

A business cannot be competitive without a website. And in this digital age, a mobile website plus a mobile app play a pivotal role in a business’s competitive edge. That means that a UI UX design agency will play an important role for your business to stay ahead of the game. A great website could make a business while a terrible one will also break a business, and UI and UX are the heart and brain of a website.

Converting users to buyers

Getting the attention of users is just the first step. People will visit your website if your product or service is in demand. Other times, internet users tap your website because they see your address in whatever they were surfing and somehow your online presence caught their attention. Or it could be in the marketing aspect wherein your brand was creatively designed to draw people in. But once they are on your web page, you only have a few moments to actually let them stay long enough to browse through your product or service. Then you have to sustain their attention so that the browsing actually turns to buying.

Design firms will help you get noticed. But if your user interface is hard to understand, then you are bound to lose your audience. The UI has to be coherent and pleasing to look at. Then the UX agency will toil to make your website easy to navigate. If the users are having a hard time navigating your site, then they will leave. Usability testing is necessary before the application goes live.

It is not enough that you have an in-demand product or service, or that your company has already established its brand. That would have worked a decade ago, or maybe even five years ago. But people are becoming more dependent on their smartphones and online activities. A lot of people barely go out anymore. You have to keep your competitive advantage by hyping your online game—that would include getting a UX firm to enhance customer satisfaction through a functional website.

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