An affordable study destination, Australia provides quality education, in a tolerant society through excellent living conditions. The higher education system in Australia is noteworthy and ranks amongst the world’s best. Education in Australia is economical though the means of its compact and intensive courses. Courses in Australia make sure that they include the latest developments in science and technology. Thus, gaining a degree from Australia is not only practical but also receptive to the contemporary environment. Currently, over 60000 Indian students are studying in Australia. There are 41 universities which have over 3000-5000 students, 39 of the institutions are run by the government.

Easy Availability to Adventures
Apart from studying at distinguished universities and colleges in Australia, the country itself provides plenty of opportunities for memorable experiences. As a student you can indulge in activities like bungee jumping, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc. You can also visit nearby locations as part of your study abroad journey. During your course break, you can visit many of the magnanimous locations that the country has to offer which will allow you to have a much-needed getaway from your hectic college routine.

Affable Environment
The locals are renowned for their affable and laid-back lifestyle. They believe in rewards, and you can often see that after completing a set target of events, the Aussies go ahead and enjoy themselves to the fullest. The location of universities and colleges in Australia is such that they are within the peripheral of parks and beaches. Thus, after a hectic day at university you can enjoy yourself at many of these locations. A large section of the population in Australia, comprises international students, hence various entertainment avenues such as student clubs and organizations are available.

Check things off your bucket list
It isn’t emphasized enough that apart from education, Australia offers an impeccable array of tourist spots. The country is known for its outdoor adventures; thus, students can indulge viewing rock formations that were curated over two billion ago in the Australian Outback or visit the Gold Coast along with seeing the Great Barrier Reef. Apart from outdoor activities, the country hosts the Sydney Opera House, museums, art centers and much more.

Impeccable Weather Conditions
It’s important to remember since Australia is down under, the seasons you will witness there will be the opposite of what you have here in India. Some of the top universities and colleges in Australia are located in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, all of which have a beautiful climate Subject to certain exceptions, Australia’s climate remains moderately warm to downright hot throughout the year.

Ease of Communication
In many countries, students often face the barrier of communication. Although, almost all countries, conduct their courses in English, students faced difficulties when it came to communicating with the locals. However, this is not a problem you will face when you decide to study in Australia, English is the language of the country and the only thing you will have to brush up is understanding the slangs the locals converse in.

Work Opportunities
Post Study Work Right: Bachelor and Masters by coursework graduates who have spent at least two academic years are eligible to attain two years of Post Study Work Right. Furthermore, Masters by research graduates receive three years of Post Study Work Rights. Lastly, Doctorate graduates receive four years of Post Study Work Rights

Work and Migration: Upon completion of 2 years of study in Australia, students are given a 24 months visa, during which they can work full time or develop their skills to attain points for the General Skilled Migrant Policy of PR. Students can apply for various visa categories within eighteen months or apply for an employer-sponsored visa.

Scholarships to study in Australia
Most international students study in Australia on a full fee-paying basis. There are, however, students undertaking postgraduate research in areas of particular concern to Australia who may apply for an Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarships (OPRS). There are around 300 scholarships offered yearly to students from around the world Individual universities occasionally offer scholarships or research grants for outstanding students.

Popular courses to study in Australia
• Agriculture
• Business Administration and Law
• Education
• Engineering
• Health Science
• Tourism and Hospitality
• Humanities
• Computing and Mathematics
• Science
• Visual and Performing Arts
• Communication
• Information Technology
• Social Studies
Thus, study in Australia is an excellent opportunity to augment your career.

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