It goes without saying that roofers have their unique skills to ensure that there is proper roof in your home which protects from wind, rain, and snow. They are responsible to patch holes or build a whole new roof.

Roofers Cumbernauld are well versed on all kinds of roofs, including cedar, asphalt or metal. The roofs are either flat or sloped. Usually sloped roofs need tiling, slating, or asphalt and flat roof needs you to fit felt sheets and bitumen layer.

Roofers are usually involved in ensuring that roof is sound structurally. They remove and replace tiles, fitting and cutting roofing material.

Key Responsibilities of a Roofer
There is no specific academic or schooling needs. There is no need to have any license or trade certificate but licensed roofers have added advantage to improve their employability. A lot of roofers have employability with trade certificate. A lot of roofers start from scratch and work their way as laborers when others undergo apprenticeships by joining roofing companies Glasgow.

Roofers should have proper practice and they should be able to sense with their feet. They should also be able to manage heights. They should also understand plans of architect and have some mathematical skills to measure various materials.

Roofers should also love to be outside in the elements and they should also have background in construction which will definitely be helpful. This job is physically tiresome and needs a lot of skills. It involves a lot of bending, crouching and kneading.

Roofer should be able to replace, repair, and install new roofs on commercial properties or homes. They should have experience with different types of materials like tiles, asphalt, bitumen, slates, and metal sheets.

They ensure that the roof will withstand extreme weather conditions of different types like snow, rain, sun and daily wear and daily wear and tear. Over 1500 apprentices have been trained by the Roofers Contractors Association of British Columbia in 20 years.

Apprentices from different parts of British Columbia are responsible to learn theories and practice applications. Here are the typical qualifications for apprenticeship of 3 years –
• High school diploma or similar
• You shouldn’t be under 18 years
• Be physically fit to perform the job

You have to be physically fit to become a roofer and healthy enough, along with having positive behavior to do the job well. Roofers work on hot roofs, in warm weather, and may want to climb high to finish the project. You must be fine with the heights and ready for extreme weather.

Roofers build and repair roofs on all types of buildings. Jobs may range from re-slating the roof and stripping it on the households, work on renovation on historic building, to working as team on a commercial project, including shopping center.

Here are some of the key responsibilities in brief –
• Install, replace, or repair shakes, shingles, and other tiles on sloped building roofs
• Repair, install, or replace roofing systems that are ready with materials like hot asphalt, gravel, and asphalt saturated felts
• Repair, install or replace single-ply roofs with waterproof sheet, such as elastomeric, modified plastics, or other compositions
• Install sheet flashings and metal roofs with power tools or manually

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