Over the last couple of years, less than a decade, rice purity test has taken the world by storm. Human being is known to be very adventurous and as you try out things, you grow to be less pure according to the rice purity test. Rice purity test basically is a test that asks very private and confidential questions especially revolving around sexuality just to see how much of life’s adventures you have taken.

They are usually 100 questions that need to be answered. To ensure that the participant is as honest as possible, the test is anonymous and you can only share your score with your friends but they cannot know what questions you answered. These questions have two answers. That is, yes or no. it is a fun test and you are able to gauge how pure you are and whether it is in line with your age.

The level of purity is gauged by the percentage you have. At 100% you are considered as pure as snow and as the number goes down, you are not pure at all. It is very hard to get a person at 100% because we are all human and somehow, there are things we have tried out, whether privately or publicly. Although the questions are more or less related, they vary from one researcher to another. It goes without saying that for those people with a high percentage, say 100% they are very likely to have boring lifestyles. A biggest percentage falls between 76-45%. In this category, you have tried many things but you have as well had self-control on some things that you would not try.

As much as its fun, these questions may vary from common things in the society, such as holding hands romantically, to the things that would be considered as insane in the society such as practicing bestiality. It is the sensitivity of the questions that make it to be anonymous thus enabling the participant to be as honest as possible. The main purpose this test was to have a track of someone’s maturity over the years but it has been seen as a way of knowing how kinky you are especially if compared with your circle of friends.

As much as anonymity is enhanced, there are a lot of people who have shared the results and when they fail to match, there have been lots of questions that come up with the kind of life you have been living. Rice purity test is very much recommendable if you keep your results as private as possible. As much as the score will not tell what questions you ticked yes or no, it is possible for your peers to have a clue on what kind of life you have been leading.

Just how pure are you? Are you an adventurous person? Take a rice purity test today.

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