Understanding Predictable Behaviour Patterns

September 27, 2012

Once we understand what this title has in store for you is like having a crystal ball in front of you. You just know how this person will react; making your marketing skills prolific in the sense you already knew their weaknesses by using and understanding this concept. Using this very effective technique is an absolute “Art”. Let’s learn more about this subject and benefit from it.

When we test human responses to marketing efforts. People react to certain words, phrases and enticements, such as words “Free”, “Sale”, and up to 75% off. This is what creative marketing calls a sizzle; we have now created a niche market with an audience that has our attention. A real dream comes true, in a simple explained manner.

Creates cultural reactivity that we all have felt and learned from; this type of thinking and understanding takes an effort to master and generate the above statement. When we understand a person’s cultural idealism which knowing the magical pictures that plays in their mind, we now understand and anticipate their behavior and reaction. Perhaps l have sparked an interest in you, we all have had this type of thinking, knowing a head of time.

Predictable behavior patterns occur daily and they get rather boring as we all know, but when we use this method in business transaction! This happens, you have created a competitive edge to negotiate a reward winning contract, perhaps a sale or just a very good contact and lead. Marketing really is a contact sport when you think about it.

Master and learn how to use moral reactivity to your advantage, is a step in the winner’s circle of successful negotiating with results. This concept has created more wars than any other concept, why, because when your emotions get attention it becomes personal and we try and protect our boundaries our beliefs. Over time we break this pattern and strengthen are morals or break apart entirely. This is one of the strongest cornerstones of our conviction.

We as humans, well some of us become emotional reactivity, meaning how we will react to certain situations that comfort us. This is a make or break deal, absolutely in its fines fashion allowing you to obtain an additional advantage in your control in this situation. We all know some people are just plain weird, they become hot-head, indolent or just plain over emotional. With a lot of luck perhaps with age and maturity they will learn their deviations that prevents them from achieving their dreams.

Mastering your re activities and keeping them in perspective
without over reacting, is a chore for most of us!
We just repeat our faults!!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho

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JFBmarketing I been working in the same industry for the last 26 years rather bored with it to be honest with you. I am currently separated l have a boy and a girl both play Rep sports and provide me with a smile. I would love to do something different then work in the field l work in...Sales is all l know and l am pretty good at it have done just about all you can ask regarding Sales from Retail, Wholesale , Exporting, Importing and as well as a General Sales Manager and a Partner....