Understand Your Recruiter

Tip to Remember: Recruiter is a buyer and ‘YOU’ the candidate is a salesman as well the product.

Now, you would agree when I say that, for any sale to happen, both the product and the salesman must be as per the buyer’s needs and choice and the moment you accept this fact, you know what your recruiter is expecting out of the interview.

Do you realize why most fights happen between couples? It is because; girlfriends’ expectations are never met as it takes an immense skill to understand what they are.

But understanding a recruiter’s expectation is much easier than that of your girlfriend. Question is, how do you do that? Simple, just think about all the shopping you did in the last week or month, carefully examine the chain of events before the purchases, identify the common events that took place before the sale happened, the common characteristics a sales man showed who impressed you to convert the sale, the common connections between you and the product which forced you to buy it.
Let me help you with it. You as a buyer wanted the following:

In your Product
1 Product had specifications which met your technical, physical or emotional needs.
2 It was packaged and presented better than others.
3 It had more detailed and specific literature.
4 It had additional features for a same or better price.
5 It came with an extensive service network.
6 It fit better to the space available to you.
7 It had a unique selling proposition (USP).

In your Sales man
1 Sales man was confident, properly dressed and presentable.
2 He was seriously interested in understanding your requirements and was fully attentive to them.
3 He had good knowledge about the store, the products and the offers.
4 He was communicative with good verbal and non-verbal skills.
5 He could easily match up the products specifications and qualities with your requirements.
6 He assured you that your money was not as important as your satisfaction.
7 He helped you with payment and other operational formalities.
8 He left a positive impression on your mind, even if you did not buy, so that you consider him, while deciding.

So, I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of a better salesman ship than the product itself. Recall, how many times, you bought a product just because the sales man made you believe that the product was right for you? It’s that ease and conviction of a good sales man which this document will help you to develop with in you and you must master that skill as the recruiter is an extremely difficult customer to crack.

Tip to Remember: The more difficult a customer is, better planned and prepared a sales man must be.

Understand the Process of Interview

When I managed my first interview, I was extremely curious as to why a single person can not take a decision? Are they not wise enough or they simply wish to test a candidate’s patience?
Well, the answer is NONE. An individual coming on board generates a number of expectations both for himself as well as for the company. A single recruitment cost several hundred dollars of man hours, a lot of thinking, and great deal of resource utilization, so now, just imagine the cost of a single “wrong” recruitment.

I still remember that once, there was a candidate hired in one of the largest private banks for the position of Sales Manager – Liabilities, the role which required in-depth market understanding, knowledge of the geographical area, and exceptional team handling skills. Based on the interview stages, the candidate was extremely fine but just a single thing was missing and that was team handling experience but he exuded so much confidence during interviews that Regional Sales Head decided to give him a chance to handle a team for the first time. And there went everything wrong.

The candidate could not perform in excessive pressure environment as he could not manage his team well. There was lot of confusion amongst team members, performance of once performing team members came down drastically which affected the Area Sales Manager’s over all team performance leading to the falling numbers for entire region. A single wrong entry to your team can cause severe damages to not only own but every other team member’s performance.
If the cost of single recruitment is in hundreds, the cost of single ‘wrong recruitment’ may run into hundreds of thousands, hence the stringent interview process and a combined opinion formed from judgments coming from different department heads.

A basic interview strategy can be understood from the funnel diagram given at


, which clearly demonstrates the importance of each and every stage and activity of interview. It shows how each step helps in creating preference for a selected lot of candidates.and in order to come out successfully at the tapering end of the funnel, it is extremely important that each and every stage should be given equal weight-age and before every process, always think hard and find out the reasons for which the recruiter must prefer to see you in every section of the funnel.

Tip to Remember: A good hire is a big asset for an organization whereas a bad hire can be the biggest liability and no one wants liabilities. Isn’t it?

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