It sounds like a dream job. Go to work in your pajamas. Make a killing. Work only a few hours a day. Nevertheless, there are many scams and low probability financial rewards in many of the opportunities. Because of this, legitimate work from home job offers have gained a bad reputation, and may people have inferred that there are no legit professional opportunities around. That is far from the truth. Perhaps there may not be a wide variety of six figure legit work at home businesses out there, there are many that can help you make ends meet.

Property Tax Consultation – This type of job helps people challenge their property taxes and for doing so, receives a sizeable commission or contingency fee. This is a high-demand, high-pay consumer assistance that is very far below the radar that anyone can do. The only state that one must be licensed in to perform this service is Texas. No license is required in the other states. To get all you need for this type business is found at

The property tax appeal process is equivalently alike in every state, even Canada. The way to appeal property taxes is the same process in any market economy. The business course is aimed to one who would engage in this business. It has legal contracts and the form-type letter you would need for your customers. The course includes tutorials on how to market and succeed in your business and other valuable information. Hi-fee commercial property tax appeal consulting is included in this legitimate work from home opportunities course.

Comparables are best found by going to a real estate office and getting 8 or 12 sold comparables. Later you can sift through and cherry-pick for the most creditable comparables. Only real estate agents have direct access to the multiple listing service through their brokers. It is a paid service but agents will always share this write up knowledge with clients and other professionals in order to create good will. Good will is the basics of their trade.

Small Claims Recovery - This exciting business has a never-ceasing supply of clients that need help. Billions of dollars of court rendered money judgments go uncollected. Startlingly, the court is NOT in the business of enforcement. There is no debtor's prison in America. The plaintiff who won the case has no idea how to collect their judgment. This is a lucky chance to come to the rescue of the plaintiff! No need for a license. Every state gives you the collection tools. 99% of the people have no ideas how this is done. The most inexpensive, complete course to get into this business is offered at

Freelance Writer- This is one of those work at home jobs that has a large amount of discretion within the field. You can work as a journalist, blogger or hired gun, bringing unique web content on demand or for various companies. With some employers, you get given quotas to finish for accomplishment in a projected time period time span, or individual jobs. In other cases, you will be positioned for one project at a time. Other websites, such as, will list a variety of assignments that you can claim and make money off of. Other sites, such as, let you to write about anything you desire, and people scouting for web content will offer you money for the rights to your material. As far as work at home jobs go, this is one with lots of opportunity and a great range of adjustability.

Medical Transcriptionist – While some work at home jobs don't require much training, but this is the exception to the rule. If you are a medical transcriptionist, you must listen to audio of a medical chart's dictation, and type it word-for-word. You’ll need to be a quick typist, and the use of a specialized pedal to start and stop the audio while you type. It may depend upon primary investment, however this is one of the few work at home jobs that will actually be equal or exceed the financial rewards of a good corporate job. For this real work at home jobs category, the pay for a medical transcriptionist makes the extra work worth it.

Survey Taker - This may seem like one of the more depthless options available, but if you have some extra money, this can work for you. This is one of those work at home jobs where you sign up with a website who will supervise you to take survey and read emails. You will earn money for each objective you finish. You can even get rewarded for signing up for free trials! You’ll need to spend money sign up or other services. However, with some of these services, you can cancel after a month or so, and the fees for signing up are low. This process can be time consuming but the rewards well-paid if you do it efficiently, but this process can often be time consuming. This is one of those type jobs you can do part-time from home that would be a sensible fit for someone who has to mind the kids at home trying to bring in some extra cash.

Look into legitimate work from home opportunities This is a form filling jobs endeavor that will help people minimize their property taxes.

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