Mumbai has become such a name nowadays that you have to possess a heart of steel and body of stone to survive there. If you have never lived in Mumbai, you can never imagine the everyday battle for little things. On each passing day, there ensues a fray to go to the workplace and return home safely. The Mumbai-kars love Bombay, as they still call it, but the people who come from other states have a hard time adjusting to the unique lifestyle of the locals. Let us see which things you might find unbelievable in Mumbai unless you are there:

The battle in the Mumbai Local

The peak hours for the Mumbai local are from 6 am to 1 pm, and then from 4 pm to 10 pm. If you enter the female compartment of the train, you must stand in the mid of the crowd. Since the train is always packed with people, you have to be very careful about your phone, wallet, or laptop. If your belongings get stolen, you cannot blame anyone else for it.

If you want a seat on the train, you need to reserve it by asking someone about their destination. Unlike Delhi metro, you have to book your seat. If you sit at someone's place as soon as he or she gets up, you will definitely fall in the trouble of an argument. The last thing to do when your destination is arriving is that you must start moving towards the exit at least two stations beforehand. Relax, there is more to come that you have to handle.

The helping spirit of Mumbai-kars

The locals of Mumbai will never let anyone stranded on the roads in times of crisis like heavy rainfalls, criminal attacks, or waterlogged surroundings.  Often, folks are not able to reach home or call their family to update them about the whereabouts. In such situations, you can knock any door in the city, and the people will be happy to offer you shelter.

The city of extremes

When you spend a few days in Mumbai even as a guest, you will realize how people exist in harmony with their extreme ends of beliefs. You will find them loud yet spiritual and flamboyant yet humble. In just one metropolitan, people from various backgrounds come and live life as they want. In Mumbai, people do not like to interfere in other's lives, neither do they expect that from you. No matter you travel by a car rental or a Mercedes you own, you will be given equal value in public places.

The prices of real estate

If you were born and brought up in Delhi, Hyderabad, or Bangalore, you might have heard about the sky-high prices of real estate in Mumbai. However, you do not realize the extent of exaggeration unless you inquire about the rates on your own. A modest 2 BHK in South Mumbai would cost somewhere between 2-3 crores! Come to the other parts of the city, and you can reduce this cost by a few lakhs, but it would be still way higher than you will find in other metro cities of India.

The discipline

The Mumbai-kars follow strict regulations when it comes to behaving in public places, unlike the rest of the cities in India. You will not find the auto-rickshaw drivers trying to loot their customers. They run their vehicle by the meter, and would never ask for an additional penny beyond the reasonable fare. They stand patiently in the queues, whether it is the line for a train ticket, movie ticket, or a waiting line to catch an auto-rickshaw outside a mall. The sheer presence of discipline and the passion for following it is what makes Mumbai-kars different from others. Mumbai is not a city, but an experience in itself. You have to come here to go through the true essence of it.

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Writer of this content is fond of roaming with Self Drive Cars on his own for exploring the India. Here I want to share my experience and some advice while travelling which can help everyone while travelling in Mumbai.