The biggest part of running the WooCommerce store successfully is to choose the right plugin. If you have the right plugins to help you, you will have fewer problems managing your store and will ensure a better shopping experience for your customers. 
 This article presents the ultimate list of plugins for building and extending a fully functional WooCommerce online store. In this article, I'll show you some of the best plugins you need to build and scale your WooCommerce store. Check the list to find the one that suits your needs.   

Monster Insight: 

 As implied by the famous quote "What is measured is controlled". You need to monitor your WooCommerce statistics to make sure your business is growing. This Google Analytics plugin is the best solution to help you with that. The

 plugin allows you to recall all the data on your website regarding your visit. In addition, you can get sales and other useful insights on your WordPress dashboard. Good filters and other powerful analyzes will help you get the most out of your data. Main features of the


 Different types of reports: Audience reports are available in addition to e-commerce reports. In addition to behavior reports, content reports, and form reports. Search the console report to find the report based on the custom dimensions you have set. 
EU Compliance Add-ons: EU Compliance Add-ons are also available for plugins. As you are on the right side of the law. 
Real-time Statistics: Get real-time statistics in the Google Analytics dashboard.  
Universal Tracking: Enable Google Analytics Universal Tracking. 
Affiliate Link Tracking: Track your affiliate links for better affiliate marketing.  File Download Tracking-Get information about tracking file downloads.

Yoast WooCommerce SEO Plugin 

 Optimize your WooCommerce shop to improve your search engine optimization. In addition, it helps improve your store's ranking and therefore traffic and conversions. The Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin is a great solution to help with this. Main features of the


 Just add structured data: You can add manufacturers in the settings menu. Therefore, brand and color details have the ability to add product-specific GTIN / ISBN / MPN information. Enable Rich Pins for Better Social Media Promotions-Rich Pins make Facebook easy. 
 In addition to Pinterest to promote your product. 
Powerful Breadcrumb Navigation: Consists of simple and powerful breadcrumb navigation that is both visitor-friendly and search engine friendly. 
Set up a clean sitemap: The plugin removes unwanted pages.  WooCommerce automatically adds it to your sitemap to make it easier for search engines to find information quickly.

 WooCommerce PDF Invoice, Invoice, Invoice, Shipping Label Plugin: 

 Invoices and associated shipping documents are important to keep your business running smoothly. To automate invoice creation and printing. You can use the related documentation to add WooCommerce PDF invoices and packing slip plugins to your shop. The

 plug-in automates the task of generating and printing these documents. This saves a lot of time and effort.


Generate and print various documents. The plugin supports invoices, packing slips, invoices, shipping labels, shipping labels.

Attach PDF to Order Email: You can attach a PDF version of your invoice. Therefore, there is a packing slip to order the email so that the customer can download the email.

 Free add-on for RTL support: Free add-on PDF is available to improve RTL support for PDF documents.  Advanced Document Customization-Add your company logo to further customize your label.

 Sucuri:   WooCommerce Store Plugin List 


 You don't have to emphasize the importance of protecting your WooCommerce store. When dealing with sensitive customer data, you need to have a strong security system in place for your business. Sucuri is a simple and effective plugin for doing this in the shop.

 This freemium plugin provides a variety of security features to enhance the security of your WooCommerce shop with minimal effort.

 Main features of the plugin 

Audit Logs and Malware Scanners: Timely reports suspicious events and malicious code so you can take effective action against them.  
Malware Scan: Scans websites to detect malware.  
WordPress Consistency Tool: Helps you identify files that have been added, modified or deleted. Consistency Diff Utility: Shows the differences in core WordPress files that help remove security patches.  
Sucuri Firewall: Enables a firewall to protect your site from attacks and malware infections. Therefore, SQL injection attempts, brute force attacks, XSS, RFI, etc.  
IP Blocking: Blacklist malicious IPs to visit websites. 
Failed Login: This shows failed login attempts, successful logins, and online users. 
Post-hack security tools: Provides several tools to respond to suspicious attacks.

Cookie Yes plugin for GDPR cookie consent and compliance notifications 

Cookie Yes GDPR Cookie Consent and Compliance Notification Plugins The ultimate list of plugins for creating and scaling fully functional WooCommerce shops

 There are many online privacy laws around the world, and it's important to understand what applies to your business and take the necessary steps to comply with them. This cookie consent plugin helps you comply with the GDPR (GDPR, RGPD), LGPD, and CCPA cookie laws.

Main features of the plugin 

Creating Cookie Notifications: You can create and customize cookie notifications as banners / pop-ups / widgets. 
Privacy Policy Generator: Helps you create a privacy / cookie policy from scratch. You can further customize it to suit your business needs. 
Cookie Scan: The plugin will automatically search for cookies on your website. 
Block automated scripts: Block third-party plug-in scripts until the user agrees. 
Short codes: You can extend the functionality of your plugin with some useful short codes. 
Fine-grained control of cookies: Automatic cookie classification gives users more fine-grained control over cookies.

 Mailchimp:  WooCommerce Store Plugin List 

 WooCommerce's Mailchimp  

 Email marketing is one of the most important parts of the WooCommerce store's marketing strategy. Automating these tasks with plugins saves most of the work. So, save your time too. Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing options. The

  plugin automatically syncs your customers and their purchase details with your Mailchimp account, making it easy to send targeted campaigns, post-purchase follow-ups, recommended products, and more.

Key Features: WooCommerce Shop Plugin List  

Set up marketing automation: Remind your customers of the items you left in your cart. So, look on your website to get back lost customers and track them after purchase. 
Advanced Tracking: Track and segment customers based on purchase history and frequency of purchases. 
View Marketing Performance Statistics: You can view detailed marketing performance statistics in the Mailchimp dashboard. 
Promotion Code Content Blocks: Easily add discount codes created in the WooCommerce store. In addition to automation with email and content blocking. 
Landing Page: Create a beautiful landing page that makes it easy to highlight your product. So, to promote your sale or giveaway and increase your audience.


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