Homes that were built before the 1990s has known to host the presence of asbestos is some form or the other. Back then, it wasn’t a grave issue where it led to complicated health issues and even if it did not many were aware of the fact that asbestos is the culprit. Asbestos in old homes are found in multiple places where it was used for roofing, flooring, brick cladding, bathroom linings and sometimes for insulation.

The reason why there is this constant drive to eradicate the presence of asbestos from homes and other places that have human intervention, there are multiple problems associated with its presence. While there are dedicated professionals for asbestos removal near Manly out there who engage themselves professionally from places, there is still a lot to do.

Here is all that you should know of asbestos and the need to remove its existence.

The risks associated

It is said that asbestos becomes a threat only when people breathe in the loose particles. The presence of it in the solid form doesn’t pose with much of a problem unless it is broken or has started deteriorating in quality. Being drilled or cut into pieces allows loose particles to fly and contaminate the air. That is when health problems start to show up. It is usually the house inspectors who can detect their presence, especially when they are hidden behind a secondary covering.

Health problems associated

While lung cancer is one of the foremost health issues detected when asbestos is inhaled, several other health problems come up as well. It is said that health issues related to asbestos contamination are diagnosed with construction workers. They are the ones who are constantly and directly in contact with the fibres and with time, things complicate. The family members too get affected when loose fibres are carried along with their clothing/uniforms. Other health complications included Pleural plaque, Asbestosis and Mesothelioma that are commonly found.

How to get rid of it?

Firstly, you need to find out how old your home is. If it is built anytime before the 1990s, you need to call upon a house inspection specialist especially when you cannot spot asbestos externally. It could be present somewhere in the form of wall cladding or flooring that has been covered. If found, the next thing to do is call upon experts who excel in safe asbestos removal.

Ask friends and acquaintances or even lookup the Internet to come across asbestos removal specialists or those providing construction services in Manly. Since there is this increased awareness on the harmful effects of asbestos and its loose fibres, there are several out there who have made it a business and intend to come forward and help people get rid of it completely. You need to check if they are qualified and take necessary steps for their safety when removing asbestos from your premise.

To conclude, even if asbestos helps in effective roofing, flooring or wall cladding, its harmful effects should be kept in mind. If there is a presence of it for a long time, replace them at the soonest.

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The author "Manly Construction Services Pty Ltd" has had experiences in hiring professionals for asbestos removal near Manly and writes this article to help people know of the problems associated with asbestos and its presence at home with tips coming from professionals for construction services in Manly.