You are getting old. You should get married AND old in India does not mean 35, you can be as old as umm.. 22?

2.You are going to be ugly, Go Marry!
According to Indian parents logic their child will get bald, fat or ugly with time, and if they are ugly they won’t get any groom/bride to marry, so best way to solve the ageing problem. You should get married.

3.Because Norms
You should get married because all your friends and batch mates are getting married and having babies. Peer Pressure taken to a new level altogether

Best way out to kill boredom Is not to turn on their TV sets but to get married.

5.Because you have nothing to do.
School done. College done. Job done. You should get married.

6.Raise A family
Late marriage means late kids. Which means more complications for women,You should get married.

7.To make way
In India it is officially illegal according to Indian parents for younger siblings to get married if they have a elder brother or sister who is unmarried. Indeed a very legit reason to get married

8.Because People ask
Indian relatives are always more concerned than you yourself your wedding, talk about peer pressure here.

Now this is a serious one. Indian parents especially in the case of their daughters We want to be free from their apparent 'responsibility.' And hence You should get married.

10.Emotional blackmail
it was their great grand parents last wish to see their, niece/nephew get married so you should get married for their “happiness” or be blamed by the family forever. And also forget about your wishes.

11.Because “Acchha rishta hai”
Ladka/ladki foreign se padh ke aaya/aayi hai. An unlimited offer like a sale in zara which if don’t grab anyone else will. So basically this should be enough of a reason for You to get married.

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He felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began.