There are many types of equipment for snow removal New Jersey from large capacity jobs to residential snow removal. For large jobs the most common equipment to use is the snowplow. The Department of Transportation in most snow states use a big pickup truck with the snow plow permanently attached. Some others have a pickup truck to which they attach the snowplow temporarily during the winter season on the front of the truck. Some use these snowplows to make extra money by plowing out small parking lots, driveways, etc. In larger parking lots like shopping malls they may hire a company with a loader or backhoe to clean their parking lots. What these do is scrape or loads the snow into an unused area of the parking lot and let the snow melt on its own.

Some homes use snow blowers for snow removal New Jersey in residential areas. These are very popular in areas where there is a lot of snowfall. They work like the blower hose of a vacuum cleaner. The blower will remove all the loss snow that has not become impacted. When the loose snow is removed from the top of the snow it makes it easier for the property owner to remove the rest of the snow with a plow or shove. Removing the top loose layer of snow gives the property owner a view of the underlying snow so they can decide if they are going to need rock salt to melt any ice under the snow.

In addition to the snow blower, the snow shovel is a common mean of snow removal New Jersey in residential homes. It is an efficient removal tool if you have just a small area to be cleared. Many times the homeowner will use a combination of the snow blower and snow shovel to help prevent the owner to spend less time outside. If you do not own a snow blower you can also use a broom to remove the top layer of snow.

Most everyone has to clear their car after a snow removal New Jersey so for this job many use a broom to sweep the snow from the car, including the windows. If the snow has frozen on the windows you can use an ice scraper with a long handle. Some of these long handled ice scrapers also have a brush on one end that you can use in place of the broom for the windows.

For commercial snow removal NJ such as the Department of Highway trucks will also use salt and other chemicals to help melt the snow on the highways. Homeowners also use rock salt to help remove the ice and snow from sidewalks and steps.

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