Catering is defined as a mixture of product and service industry as it covers the aspects of providing all most all of the physical items that are required to conduct a event. The people in this business full fill the responsibility of creating an event friendly environment and providing the desired amount and nature of food, it could be proper lunch or dinner or could just be refreshments; it all depends on the nature of the event underway. The nature of catering depends on the nature of the event. Mostly events which use high prospect of catering are weddings, conventions or a banquet for any purpose, business or personal. First major kind of catering that is implemented all over the globe is lunch box catering. In this system of catering each guest is served with a lunch box which contains a similar meal for all guests, this is a very effective way of catering as it saves time and money. These kind of catering servicesare usedin corporate nature, when there no possibility of allowing the personals to take a break from their work.

In simple language the task underway cannot be stopped just to allow a break for food. The dishes served in this kind of services are usually long lasting so that it could be kept around for a while. The second major kind is self-serving buffetwhere the food is served and guests are to setuptheir plates with choicesavailable. Such service is very common in personal events which have a lot of social importance, such a wedding or banquets. This kind of caterer prepares the food on site or can bring it prepared and just add final touchesto it on the spot. Table waiting staff also there onthe event but their task is not to prepare or serve the food but just setupthe dining area and assist in the flow of the event. The third kind of catering events arethematic events which are to be conducted according certain template. Insuch events the catering companies setupthe whole events according to desired coloredschemes; the food prepared also according the same pattern or scheme.

Examples of such events are business models or events which undergo while being headed by some organizations. When it comes to aspectof pricing, catering is charged at per person rates, which means that the food and other arrangements are made according specific and predefined number of people. Side services such as cooling and heating are charged at general price and consumption patterns but foodand seating are charged according to how many people are invited. The third factor is decoration which is charged according to the items used and area covered. The main trend which is being followed in catering business, from the early days is to ensure the customers and the guests are satisfied. The advantage of doing so to get a positive good will and get avoid negative marketing as a dissatisfied customer is going to tell more people as compared to a satisfied customer.

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