When renovating your home, one of the most confusing aspects to plan for is bathroom waterproofing products. It doesn't seem to add much to the room's aesthetics but can significantly impact space by protecting it from seepage and preventing structural and health damages caused by dampness and mold. The worst thing about damage caused by seepage is that you won't realize anything is wrong till it's too late.

Several reasons cause damp walls; some of the more relevant ones are listed below:

• Cracks on the exterior wall that allows rainwater to seep in.

• Gaps in the floor tiles allow water from bathrooms to seep through and damage adjoining walls.

• Water collects in the balcony due to improper drainage and seeps into interior walls.

• Cracks in plumbing pipes.
• Insufficient air circulation in bathrooms causes a buildup of moisture.

Remember that water needs to be guided out as a thumb rule, which means wet surfaces need to be adequately sloped and sealed.

Waterproofing solutions in Delhi require a lot of demolition of walls and floors, combining it with a larger home renovation project. Use a reputed company, like CICO Group, for waterproofing and get a warranty even if it’s a bit more expensive. Ideally, your waterproofing should last up to 10 years without damage if applied correctly.

Types of waterproofing commonly used in India
• Floor Waterproofing
For floor waterproofing solutions in Delhi, one suggests using URP chemical above the cement concrete along with a waterproof membrane under your floor tiles and turns the membrane up around 4″ up onto the skirting on the walls. Ensure you re-grout your tiles every 18 months or so; this will avoid any moisture going through to the substructure.

• Wall Waterproofing
To waterproof your walls, remove the existing plastering, add a layer of tape that creates chemicals (approx. 2-3 mm thick) followed by the wall plastering and paint.
Today in modern buildings, bathrooms are not just the places of freshening up but also are visualized as personal spaces to get refreshed and rejuvenated. A substantial amount of time and investment is put into makeovers or build bathrooms as per the individual's choice. Of all the rooms in your house, you will need the bathroom to be the most waterproofed.

The top waterproofing companies in India get disturbed when such bathrooms look wet and frequently exposed to water penetration through gaps. Failure to waterproof bathrooms not only hampers the looks of your house but could also lead to significant problems.

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Though wet areas occupy less than 10% of the gross floor area, the annual maintenance cost for such bathrooms can range from 35% to 50% of the total maintenance cost depending on the type of facility.