Students that are in the last year of primary education are required to take the 11 plus papers to get into the grammar school of their own choice. It is not a compulsory test for all 10-year-olds.

The Four Disciplines

The matter of the exam can vary from country to country, however commonly it comprises of the following topics/subjects – English, Mathematics, Verbal reasoning and lastly, nonverbal reasoning. The combination of the above-mentioned subjects is most likely seen in the 11 plus exams. They are considered to be the four ‘disciplines’ for the test.

Often times the 11 plus tests may pose questions that your child is not entirely recognized, this is done because the test’s aim is to find the children who are capable of applying their own knowledge/logic. It is essential to make them familiar with 11 plus resources such as previous 11 plus papers, 11 plus vocabulary work sheets.

- Comprehension & Applied Reasoning : Your child will be expected to answer questions that are based on the given extract of information or passage. They will have to read and analyze the passage to come up with the answers.

The questions in the 11 plus comprehension section challenge the understanding of the child in relation to the text.

In the case of applied reasoning, a few verbal reasoning questions are pitched into the paper. Devote 10 minutes of your time to this part of the paper. The questions in this section will involve quickfire kind of exercises and are expected to be completed quickly. An example with the question as well as the answer is given at all times so you need not worry about being confused.


The paper of maths consists of one test as well as one answer booklet. In this paper, one is expected to answer almost all of the questions within the time limit and not invest a lot of their time on questions they are finding difficult to solve. Focus on the easier and doable questions and then switch back to the harder ones if the time permits.

Your child is not allowed to take in or use a calculator during the course of the math’s test. Extra space is provided in the answer booklet to work out some rough sums if found necessary. Make your child practice 11 plus maths worksheets and 11 plus mock exams.

Verbal Reasoning

In the 11 plus exam, the verbal reasoning will be present in addition to the non-verbal reasoning section in the same paper. Your child will have about 60 minutes to complete both of these sections altogether. Here, one will be expected to be tested on their understanding of English as a language plus the words in it.

Nonverbal Reasoning

This paper tests the child’s capability to identify sequences and patterns in a set(s) of pictures and abstract shapes. For better preparation of your child, you can also search for ‘ 11 plus tuition near me’ in search engines.

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