Dashboards are extremely useful for people who have a lot of information to keep track of online. Many people have several Twitter accounts and also post to other various social media platforms like FaceBook, LinkedIn and others, which can be time consuming.

Thankfully, some very helpful Twitter tools have dashboards that allow individuals or companies that have several accounts on multiple platforms to manage their information all on one screen.

Buzzom is a Twitter tool with a personalized dashboard with several social media management options, email updates, and more. This application also allows scheduling so that you can update your profiles at various times without being at your computer or without using your phone.

Another great Twitter tool, which works for FaceBook as well, is Seesmic. The desktop version of this application includes a customizable dashboard that allows you to track all of your updates, manage contacts, create lists, and track multiple accounts. Seesmic also has features for easily sharing links, photos, and other files.

TweetGrid is a Twitter Search Dashboard that enables users to view up to nine separate feeds all at once. Create a search with keyword phrases, hashtags, names, groups, events, or topics. All of the results are updated in real-time without refreshing the page. TweetGrid also allows users to tweet directly from within the app and it works with TwitPicGrid for easy photo sharing.

Sprout Social includes a great social media dashboard specifically for companies who want to boost their web presence and connect with customers and potential customers. This application works with Twitter, Yelp, FourSquare, LinkedIn, Facebook Pages, and more, and the dashboard integrates them all for easy account management.

Twitter apps with dashboards are great for users who have multiple accounts, several lists, and a busy lifestyle. Try these apps to see which one works best for you.

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