Did you know that most Internet marketers fail? Yes, it’s sad, but true. Most Internet marketers earn just a few dollars, but spend even thousands of dollars in finding their “vein of gold”. 90% of those who try their hand at Internet marketing will fail, most after just 6 months. The prospect of what seems like sure failure can be daunting.

However, it doesn’t have to be prophetic. There are people who are doing well with online marketing – and enjoying it. Some are earning enough for the “extras” while others are making huge amounts of money. One of the secrets, if there is one, is to avoid the fatal mistakes in Internet marketing and to build an easy home based business. Below, we’ll take a look at the first 4 of the 12 most common online marketing pitfalls.

1. Not planning ahead and setting clear goals: This is one of the biggest mistakes that newbie Internet marketers make. They fail to treat their online marketing endeavors like a real business. Instead, some approach their business as some sort of get rich quick scheme while others simply don’t know any better, and are thus clueless. Both will eventually lead to failure.

2. Not doing proper research: Research is the lifeblood of any successful online marketing venture. It is important to know what products are most likely to sell, which affiliate programs are best to promote and whether or not the market an individual wants to enter into is too competitive. Research provides this information. And most of the best research tools are free.

3. Jumping into every opportunity (product and program launch): There will always be so-called gurus looking to capitalize off of the dreams and hopes of new Internet marketers. They will do their best to sell you the latest and greatest Internet opportunity, over and over again. Don’t fall for it. Find one proven, well-researched program, and work on it until it is profitable.

4. “Riding on a wrong horse”: One of the fastest ways to fail online is to choose the wrong vehicle to establish a home based business. This is usually due to the mistakes in #1-3. Going into an industry that is super competitive or not viable, is a big mistake.

So there you have it, first 4 of the 12 most common and fatal mistakes made in Internet marketing. Be sure to tune in for part 2!

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Tim Pond is an author, coach and Internet marketer. To find out more about effective online marketing opportunities, and claim your free special report on easy home based business, go to http://www.easy-home-based-business.org