"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."
Helen Keller

Tuning in to our intuition or inner wisdom helps us develop a more spiritually conscious and integrated relationship with ourselves. We all have sensitivities that we can listen to guide our lives whether it is a gut feeling, an "aha" moment or an inner knowing. When we are inspired or "in-spirited," our senses tune in to this pure vibration. Opening our hearts, we can access this pure flow of information and invite spirit to guide us to make better choices in our lives.

With an open heart, we can intuit information, bypassing the incessant chatter of our brain, and see new possibilities from an expanded perspective. This insight enables us to make more inspired choices. To interpret this spiritual information we can ask ourselves, "What is the significance of my experience?" or "What am I being guided to see?" If the answer is not immediately revealed, we can let the question resound in our hearts until the answer floats through our conscious awareness, often when we least expect it, such as while awakening from sleep, showering, or driving the car. This flow of intuition can also be achieved when we are listening to music, writing, running, or making love-in which nothing else seems to matter.

When we tune in to our intuition, we soon realize that this leads to a richer, more expansive way to live-even when it takes us down a more challenging path. In trusting our inner wisdom, we are assisted with daily problems and waste less valuable time and energy being anxious about life's difficulties. In addition, it allows us to respond rather than react to events and relationships, giving us even greater peace of mind. Yet, being disconnected from the guidance of spirit diminishes our conscious awareness and traps us in the details of daily life, leaving us at the mercy of circumstances, wandering aimlessly without a sense of direction or purpose.

Acknowledge yourself as a strong, sensitive and intuitive person connected to source and open to new information coming through your heart. This perspective will help you view life experiences of all kinds as opportunities to fulfill your divine potential.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Debra L. Reble is a licensed psychologist with expertise in the areas of individual and relationship counseling. She earned her doctorate in 1993 at Kent State University where she also taught courses in their school psychology program.

As a therapeutic intuitive, Dr. Reble also specializes in energetic healing, meditation, and guides people on their pathway toward personal transformation. She also serves as a life/spiritual coach providing information and supporting people through their life transitions. Her valuable insights and ability to assess and help people to release behavioral patterns and energetic blocks brings an enlightened perspective to human processes. Additionally, Dr. Reble focuses her energy through the heart center to nurture, embrace, and assist people in realizing their fullest potential.

Dr. Reble is the founder of HeartPaths of Cleveland, Ohio, a company that is dedicated to providing inspirational materials that enhance the full self-expression and well-being. In 1996, her company released Journey of the Heart, an audiocassette of guided imagery and inspirational music that opens the energetic pathways of the heart. Most recently, Dr. Reble released A Mother’s Lullaby, a CD/audio cassette that is designed to create a physical, emotional, and spiritual bond and enhance the relationship between mother and baby. Presently, Dr. Reble has published her first book, Soul-hearted Partnership: The Ultimate Experience of Love, Passion, and Intimacy (2010).

Dr. Reble is also a director with Foundation in Light, an international nonprofit and educational organization whose mission is dedicated to the full integration of light through the heart into human experience. As a director, Dr. Reble assists in presenting workshops, retreats, and consultations nationally to facilitate personal growth, well-being, and full self-expression.