There was a time when things were simple. We would work in the job places and were personally paid in hard cash and so was true for business transactions. But with the passage of times, everything has undergone a great deal of sophistication and so has the mode of payments. Besides, worsening security, has put the people on alert and they don’t want to carry their hard earned cash in their pockets. Also, time has shrunk and it has made all the human activities to shrink. So, the new priorities, include means of payment that are fast, safe and secure. So Trustly has come up with all of such questions.

WITH TRUSTLY, you can pay your payments online which means safer, simpler and more secure mode of payment and the benefits could be enjoyed by all – merchants, banks, consumers. Today, we are getting paid with our salaries straight deposited into our bank accounts and as such, we shop online, from merchants all around the world. In the digital world which is so fast why it is really that hard to pay straight from our bank accounts is a legit question that Trustly has come up with a solution.

FOR CONSUMERS, for instance, paying online is supposed to be as easy as slipping a bill across the counter and payment paid. Similarly, accepting payments and issuing balance/refunds should be the least matter of worries for merchants.

WHERE paying online through debit cards, credit cards, invoices, e-wallets and cash-on-arrival are better ways of payments, middlemen levying hefty amounts of fees, interest and debt for simple transactions of payments have every reason to be frowned upon. Trustly enjoys a great reputation to deal with all of such financial issues with great deal of professional integrity and honesty.

ONLINE banking payments have been made so easy, fast and secure by Trustly. By signing one agreement with it, you avail the luxury to send and receive online payments across 29 European countries and resolve your financial needs with no additional costs.

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IT’s customers’ (consumers, merchants, banks all included) legal right to know if Trustly really needs to be trusted as it’s matter of money. Here is a substantial evidence as to why you should trust it.

- THE FINANCIAL TIMES recognizes Trustly one of Europe’s fastest growing companies for three years consecutively.
- Trustly for the 4th year is recognized as DI Gasell for its fast and healthy growth.
- Trustly opens up new office at Helsinki to meet heavy traffic flow of increased customers showing loyalty and trust of the customers.
- THANKS TO its faster growth, Trustly partners with largest European alternative lending marketplace Mintos.
- Ingenico, a global leader in seamless payment has business partnership with it.
- INCREASED EFFICIENCY at Trustly has resulted in significant amounts per month for aid organization.
It has been honored to have won three times awards consecutively in the following categories:
-Malta’s Best Payment Company of the Year
-Malta’s Best Employer Brand of the Year
-Malta’s Best iGaming Excellence in Customer Service of the year

In short, Trustly has become a brand ambassador for fast, safe and secure online payments.

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