This title is inspired by a conversation i was having a few moments ago with my good friend Nancy. She was asking me questions about how to add a picture on her blog. As we progressed further in the conversation, i realized that this would be the perfect article to add to my blog. I was speaking very passionately about why i felt what i felt about the subject we will be going into. “Trusting the Process of Unfoldment.”

I was saying to her that, we were trained to believe that until we have things figured out, we can’t make a move. Especially concerning what we want to do with our lives. We were talking about her lack of motivation in the past on taking action on working on her blog. She was also saying that, she was so excited that she was able to put an article and pictures on her blog. And how good it made her feel. I said, “That’s good because now you are inspired because you see progress.” She agreed. I said also that, “Imagine if you didn’t take action, you would have never known how good things could come out.” She was also saying that, because she couldn’t figure out her niche and what she wanted to do, she couldn’t take action. I told her that that was an excuse. Because if you do nothing, nothing will come to you. No ideas, no information. Nothing!

I said that, “That’s the problem.” Alot of us believe the same thing. This is why we never take action on something, and we never find our purpose. But that’s not how the “Process of Unfoldment” works. We don’t really need to know what we want to do. But we should start with something. Starting with something, is what leads you to what you’re supposed to be doing. It takes you a step closer to that something. It works even if what you are working on, is not what you desire to do.To understand this premise, is to understand one key component in this equation: You must trust the “Process of Unfoldment.” Leading premise here: “Trust.” You must believe that within you is a guide that will direct your paths.”

This inner guide already knows the path you should take. It is working in unison with the universe to assist you in the process. But it is only released by the power of your intention. Think of intention as a flower blooming. As long as you are intending to find your niche, you will find it. But if for any moment you doubt the process of this inner guide directing your path, the flower wilts and begins to die. Intention is the fuel that ignites the “Process of Unfoldment.” Inertia is the fuel that destroys the “Process of Unfoldment.” As you take action, mysterious forces will go to work for you, when you use your power of intention. Circumstances, people, events and ideas will begin to flow to you. Every encounter, will bring you a step closer to the unfoldment of your purpose.

When you understand this, there really is nothing to try to figure out. Everything that you need, everything you ever wanted, everything you desire, will begin to unfold. Instead of you trying to work hard at trying to discover your niche or purpose, it will find you. Here’s the trick though: It will only find you when you are taking action. Doing nothing, says that you are not trusting the process. Therefore the universe can’t step into assist you with anything. You then become like the wilted flower, you no longer bloom with the life of possibility. Energy can only flow when things are moving. Movement provides spaces for things to fill the emptiness. Stagnation and inertia is a sin. It conveys the fact that you don’t believe in the unseen powers of the universe.

Just because you can’t see things with your eyes doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Can you see the wind? No you can’t, but you can see the force behind the wind. This force lets you know that it is present. It’s the same with us. We can’t always see all of the intricacies of the “Process of Unfoldment.” But it exists internally and externally in the universe. The information we need is always present. We just have not allowed a space in us to open up for it’s unfoldment. Intention is the space that we open up inside ourselves. It is a belief that: I may not see, or know what i am looking for; but i am confident that it will be revealed to me in time. It may not happen overnight for me. It may not happen next week, or a couple of weeks from now. But i am patiently awaiting the unfoldment of its appearance in my life. I am trusting that, when i meet this unfoldment, i will know instantly.

The truth is that, your niche or your purpose, is always present. Even if you cannot see that it is. Finding your niche is the same process. Start with something, and as you do, it will lead you to your niche. In fact your niche will find you. The only thing that prevents us from discovering our niche, is inertia. Inertia is an enemy. It creates a vacuum. A space of emptiness that something needs to fill. Every space in the universe is meant to be filled. Even the atmosphere that we think is empty is filled with matter, with particles.The unfoldment of your niche will occur the same way a building is built. Layer by layer the building is built. It is the same with you, layer by layer you will get closer to the completion of the revelation of your building (your niche or purpose). When you look at a building being built from the ground up, at first it doesn’t look like much. They have to put in the wiring and pipes and dry-walls and the other materials. But after a while the building begins to take shape. After a while it starts to look like something. And if you happen to be the owner of that building, when you see your vision coming into fruition, you get excited. There may have been moments where you had to exercise a lot of patience. You may have been frustrated at times. Maybe there were weather conditions that prevented the work from being done on your building at times. Maybe there were delays due to governmental laws and restrictions that had to be worked through. But as all of the kinks were worked through, you began to see the unfoldment of your home.

If you gave up and didn’t continue to add to each layer, brick by brick, you would have never been able to see the finished product. “Trusting the Process of Unfoldment,” is the same. You must be patient. You must continue to take action. You must use the power of your intention. You must believe that in a while, what you desire even though you can’t articulate it, will show up in time. For further information, please subscribe to my blog and leave your email. For more information or to reach me go to:
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